Walking in Stilettos Health & Beauty Spa Ocho Rios Jamaica

We welcome you to the Walking In Stilettos Health & Beauty private Spa in Ocho Rios. We have a holistic approach to healing and well-being. Relax and unwind in the peaceful and tranquil setting of this bespoke spa. We specialize in beautifying and healing the mind body and spirit, and our signature treatment is a CBD Oil full body healing massage.


You can visit the Walking in Stilettos Health & Beauty Spa at Double V Plaza Shop Number 7, 109 Main Street Ocho Rios for your massage, or we can come to you.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil Massage

.Ease Anxiety, Helps to relive stress and tension and helps to calm the nervous system and promote peace of mind

Relieves Arthritis. In 2011, researchers reported that cannabis reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes sleep, which may help relieve pain and discomfort for people with rheumatoid arthritis. An antioxidant and anti inflammatory

Eases the pain of multiple sclerosis. A study published in the Canadian Medical Association suggests that marijuana may ease painful symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

PRICE $140.00 USA

Deep Tissue Massage- 1 hour - $90 USA

Swedish Massage- I hour - $85 USA

Aromatherapy Massage - -$120 USA

Foot Spa

Foot Spa- -$30.00 USA

Reflexology – 1 hour $65.00 USA

Anti Aging Facial – 1 hour - $65 USA

Sun Burn Facial - 1 hour $80.00 USA



Gel Extensions 10 fingers -1 hour - $65.00 USA

Gel Polish 10 fingers -40 minutes - $45.00 USA

Gel Polish

Gel Polish -Hands & Feet- 1 Hour - $75.00 USA

Regular Polish -Hands & Feet- 45 minutes - $45.00 USA

Pedicure – 45 minutes -$5,000 - $40.00 US

GEL Manicure & Pedicure - 2 Hour -$8,500 - $70.00 USA

Beautiful Feet & Toes


The benefits of Yoga start with the breathe , because so much depends on breathing, lung capacity and physical endurance. When deepening your breathing, you are prompting a relaxation response, which eases stress and calms you, also benefiting your ability to concentrate and putting you into a positive, happy frame of mind. As your body become more flexible your overall sense of well being improves tremendously. One or two 1 hour yoga classes a week is highly recommended.

1 Hour Yoga & Meditation Class - $30.00 USA per person


If you suffer with poor posture, neck back and shoulder pain, the Alexander Technique will help to relive the stress, pain and tension in your body as well as improve our posture. It is a method that works to change (movement) habits in our everyday activities. It is a simple and practical method for improving ease and freedom of movement, balance, support and coordination.. The Alexander Technique is a method which helps a person discover a new balance in the body by releasing unnecessary tension and help to re-educate the way that you move to get you out of bad habits of movement that could be causing you pain. Each lesson lasts for 35-40 minutes.

Alexander Lesson- 40 minutes - $60.00 USA

Sexy in High Heels

Learn How To Walk In High Heels With Grace, Elegance, & Ease

The international glamorous high heels guru with a heart of gold, Chyna Whyne’s transformative Walking in Stilettos programme blends rock star credentials with her extensive training in the Alexander Technique.

Feel physically elevated and emotionally transformed. Red carpet experiences and exclusive workshops are designed to help you walk high in your heels, exuding the confidence of the A-listers.

A 3 Hour workshop for 6 women maximum at a time. Ideal for an intimate birthday or an anniversary celebration. The ideal gift for a daughter, mother or other family members. A perfect occasion for a hen night. If your hearts desires Is to be able to walk well in high heels, then now is the perfect time to get strutting with Chyna Whyne.

Price $350.00 USA per person


email chyna@chynawhyne.com

Tel 876 283 3260 or 876 6161908

Watsapp +44 7494 436850