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I started off this semester looking for different ways to photograph in HDR (High Dynamic Range). Through this proccess you take multple photos, bracketing them in hopes of captureing all of the highlights and shadows in the photo. Using this method you can capture textures and colors that are otherwise unavailable while photographing.

On the iPhone and Nikon I can take pictures with auto HDR. Here the camera takes the multiple images and combines them within its own software. For more control over the pictures I looked to bracket them on my own. I searched for a software that could combine these and found that Adobe Lightroom (which I had access to) was able to preform the merge I needed. Through Auto Bracketing on the Nikon 7200 I was able to bracket 5 shots perfectly then upload them to be merged.

First you need to turn on auto bracketing on your camera. To do this hit the BKT button on a Nikon (Canon may be different. After make sure that you are in manual mode. Here you need to make sure your exposure meter is set to zero like in the red circle above.
After importing the photos, you can select them by clicking the first then holding down shift and clocking the last. After you can select HDR as shown above. After the screen on the right comes up to deghost the photo. When you decide how much you want the picture to be deghost you can click merge then Lightroom will make a copy of your final picture and leave you to edit it further if desired.
photo taken with HDR iPhone camera
Camera's HDR mode
HDR through Lightroom
iPhone HDR
Bracketed photos
Lightroom HDR
Camera HDR mode
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