Oreo " Beauty has no Race "

The Dream Came TRUE After 10 Years !

Nemo had her first cat "Koki" for her birthday as a gift.
"Koki" called for marriage
"Jamal" was her handsome husband.She had four kittens from him. (3)Boys and (1)Girl.

All of them looked like their Father.

"Aseel" born with a very skinny body and one eye.

His mother wasn't care about him. His brothers, and sister were ignoring him and kick him all the time.

"Aseel" Passed Away :'(

Leaving his (2)brothers and the only sister.

They are keep growing very fast.

Surprise !!

"Koki" is pregnant Again!

Every one waiting for the Next Generation.

She brought just " Oreo"

No one loves "Oreo" because she was different from her old brothers and sister.

"Oreo" born to be special
No one chooses to adopt her

"Oreo" is a brave cat.

kills all kind of Bugs.
Adore Make up & dressing

Smart enough to ask for a Story

Love her Mother very much

Yet , She Was Marginalised !!

People Called her "The Ugly black Cat" :(
Other cats Fight & kick her

"Oreo" was hiding and afraid all of the time.

it's hard to find her .

Oreo... Oreo .... Oreo .... Where are you!!

All the cats looking for her to start the fight

She wasn't there or in anywhere !!!

Oreo Disappear :'(

Oreo is Lost :'(

Oreo runaway ...

" Action Expresses Priorities." Ghandi

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