Winds of Change January 2017

On January 20th Donald Trump was made President of the United States

January has been a very interesting month and it is not over yet. The inauguration of Donald Trump as president we the end of a historic presidency and the beginning of the end of normal presidential behavior (for at least the next four years). The savvy experts have told us he would have to pivot or he should not be taken literally when he said things like, "We will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it." As children of God we know that a spirit is on these people.

How often are the streets brimming with protestors on the 2nd day after a president is sworn into office. There were more people at the Women's march against president Trump than for him at his inauguration .

The march did not stop at Washington DC. It included cities across the United States and around the globe. Yet his focus was not on the people out in the streets against him. He was focused on the crowds that he believed was for him.

It did not matter to his supporters that he lied, his press secretary lied, his representatives lied. They believed that what he said was the truth. Even if there was picture proof. The delusion is strong and unshakable.

The news coming out of the Trump White House has been described as drinking from a fire hose. These are just a few of the executive orders he has written within the last week.

  • Affordable Care Act roll back
  • Regulation freeze
  • No federal dollars towards abortion.
  • Withdrawing from the Trans pacific partnership
  • Federal Hiring freeze except military personnel and critical public safety
  • Allowing keystone and Dakota access Pipelines
  • Pipelines must hire American workers
  • Expediting permits for infrastructure
  • Speeding up environmental review and regulation
  • Stop the Syrian refugee program and stop muslims from entering the US from 7 different nations
  • Build a border wall on America's southern border
  • To stop grants for sanctuary cities and states
  • to stop catch and release policy for illegal immigrants (could cost US budget 13 billion)

Multiple Federal agencies have been issued a gag rule to not transmit any information externally with the public. These agencies include the USDA, EPA, US park services and many others. In retaliation people have been speaking out on behalf of government employees via twitter and using old government passwords to tweet information about climate and scientific facts to antagonize the Trump administration. It is not know if the rouge 24 twitter accounts are all government employees but one account amassed 700,000 followers. The gag order that was suppose to reduce knowledge has instead invigorated many. There is suppose to be a march of scientists on the capitol later this year.

Backroom Cuts

Donald Trump has been in the foreground. He has turned the Oval Office into a reality show and has captivated the nation and horrified and thrilled many with his antics. However the legislative branch has been busy at work. These senators and members of the house have been dreaming of an opportunity to have control for years. It has been years for republicans to have this much control in multiple parts of government. The House has recently passed a bill called REINS. Regulations from the executive in need of Scrutiny Act of 2017. I know it is a long name. I apologize we are about to go on a tour of US History and the American Constitution and the balance of powers. Remember when we were forced to learn about the three branches of the government. The judicial, legislative and executive branches and that each have a particular job. The executive branch is responsible for enforcing federal laws. That is why they are responsible for appointing people to governmental agencies to the Health and Human Services, the Department of Energy, the State Department, Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Education. For example the secretary of Health and Human Services is over the FDA, CDC, National institute of health, Indian Health Services, Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services and 10 other departments. The person over Health and Human services is not just over health insurance but drug approvals, health care equipment, epidemic data, preventing zika virus outbreaks and making sure the correct flu vaccine is distributed. There are teams of scientists and think tanks to make sure the data is correct. Of course there is push back from industry. However pharmaceutical companies cannot lobby the FDA in the way they can lobby congress.

Members of the house and senate are suppose to represent those who vote for them but instead they represent those who have paid for them

The congress is constantly being lobbied. The REINS act is industry backed legislation. Any regulation that would have an annual impact of 100,000,000 dollars could not take effect without congressional approval. In order for the agency to propose a new regulation they would have to remove other ones so it would not add any additional costs up front. Lawmakers could only think about economic costs the regulation would costs not health care costs that it would save (like saving people lives)Think of the industries that would be impacted by those regulations: energy, healthcare, safety, and food. President Trump says if the REINS act reaches his desk he will sign it. The REINS act is supported by the Koch brothers.

For I will no more pity the inhabitants of the land, saith the Lord : but , lo, I will deliver the men every one into his neighbor's hand and into the hand of his king: and they shall smite the land, and out of their hand I will not deliver them. Zechariah 11: 6.

The safety nets were a form of common good. However we are now in a time in which God is removing his Spirit and good away from the people and their leaders. That includes the government. An example of that is the Midnight Rules Relief Act. The House passed H.R. 5982 a bill that states it can disapprove rules submitted to it from the executive branch within the president's last six months of office. They would use the Congressional Review Act to do so. This would allow the congress to override all of the regulations enacted by President Obama since May of 2016 and a sample of : coal mining companies cannot pollute streams that are used for drinking water, increasing the people available for overtime pay, coal mine safety and antiseptic gel rules. They say these rules have reduced job growth but unemployment is below 5%.

The Time of Lot

The HIV rate is risk is highest in the state of Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana and Florida

According to the CDC 2% of these states total populations will become HIV +

1 in 13 residents or nearly 8% of Washington DC residents will contract the virus

Did you know that White sodomite men have a 9% risk of contracting HIV and Black sodomite men have a 50% risk.

Jackson, Mississippi has a higher rate of contracting HIV than in Subsaharan Africa. Currently 40% of black men (sodomites) contract the disease

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