Augusto Pinochet BY ANNIE

Augusto Pinochet was important to American history because he saved Chile from an economic collapse; although, he was a harsh political leader. Pinochet ruled with sole power. He caused political terror, repression of human rights, and intolerance of criticism to the government. Pinochet liberated Chile from falling into a deep hole, but did so through harsh ways.

Power and Authority: Augusto was a harsh dictator that ruled with unfair rules and mistreated politics and Chile's government. He had almost all power over Chile.

"Not a leaf moves in Chile if I don't know about it," said by Pinochet. This quote samples that Pinochet held all control of Chile's actions.

Economics: Even though Pinochet was usually inhumane, he did save Chile from a financial drawback. He set up an economic policy of free-market reforms that endeavored to stop Chile from inflation.

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