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About me:

My name is Julie Huynh and I am currently a senior. This is my second year in photography. The area of photography that I have been most interested in is taking shallow dept of field images and taking pictures of nature for example flowers, leafs, trees, etc. I also enjoy taking pictures of my pets. Another area of photography that I enjoy is taking outside portrait pictures because I like the variety of different and interesting backgrounds I can have and I didn't have any trouble with the lightning, especially the glares on my models glasses, when I took portraits outside compared to the studio portraits.

Project Revisited: Color Splash

Before vs After
Before vs After

I choose this project as the first one to re do in the beginning of the year because it has been since freshman year that I have worked with a camera and photoshop so I wanted to pick one that had something to do with photoshopping as well. I decided on color splash because I felt like since I didn't remember anything this one would be the easiest to do. One thing I did differently compared to last time was that I brought in some items from home to take pictures of instead of taking pictures of things in campus. However some of my picture were from campus not all of them were. By doing this I found it to be easier for me because I did not need to spend a lot of time on thinking of what I need to take pictures of. By bringing things in from home I finished this project a lot faster than I left myself time for.

Day In My Life


My first challenge was being able to keep track of what picture went with what because I found it a little confusing. Another challenge I had was with the sun and the bright spots in most of my pictures. The picture I choose were more of on the way to class. I did not want to include the classroom pictures because all of them were just the room number. These pictures represent my best shot because in the first photo I think the leading lines with the trees really represent my technique and ability to take leading line photos however if I could change something I wouldn't want the bright spots on the trees. The second photo represents one of my best shots because I like the shallow deep of field as well as the colorful leafs.



For the top photo it was for the word "scholarship". When I think of scholarships I think about senior year and graduation therefore I decided to use a graduation hat to represent scholarship. To do this the first thing I had to do was to find a graduation hat that I can borrow so I used my sisters old hat. I then laid it on the ground near the science buildings and just took pictures from different angles. The main struggle I had while taking this picture was that it was in the shade so the photos came out with a slight blue tone but I just fixed it up in photoshop. For the bottom photo it was for the word "teamwork". When I think of teamwork I think of a group of people working together to accomplish something. Then the idea of puzzles and how it takes a team to finish one. Therefore I decided to have a group of people hold together puzzles pieces. To accomplish this photo I first had to bring in a couple of puzzle pieces from home. I then asked four people to hold the puzzles pieces together so I could just take a picture. My main struggle for this photo was to not get any ones shoes in the picture so I had them all stand really far about and just lean in.

Classmate Portraits


I think a good portrait is if the model is in focus and there is no distracting background so the main subject of the photo is the model. A good portrait is also one where the model's smile doesn't look forced. I think these two photos are good portraits because my model, Kenia, is in focus and the backgrounds are not distracting. Her smile also does not look like it was forced so it looks more natural. I think these two photos because I really like how in the first photo she was posing on top of the step. I like how in the second photo she was leaning against a tree and how you can see her hair and scarf was blown to the side a little bit.



The challenge I had with taking the top photo was that since I took it inside my house I had to play around with the settings so it wouldn't come out either too yellow or too dark. Also since I took this photo close up I was scared that viewers wouldn't have been able to tell what card game it was so I had to make sure that the word of the game was somewhere in the photo. The challenge I had with taking the bottom photo was that since my dog does not listen to me I had a very difficult time trying to get him to stay still. I had to use his treats to keep tricking him but I couldn't trick him while taking the picture so I had to have my older sister come out and hold the treat right above the camera lens to make sure he was looking right at me. Also even though he did stay seated he was still moving a little bit so most photos came out slightly blurry but I was glad that this one photo came out super clear and in focus. I think a good homework assignment would be like the "day at Serra" project we did but a "day in my life/weekend". I think this would be a really fun one because everyone would be able to complete it and it shouldn't take more than a day.

Other Pictures

Left to right: my cat Barry in his new bed, (top) my dog Puppy laying outside during the summer, & (bottom) my dog Shadow laying the same way my other dog was during the summer as well
Top to bottom: the cabin I stayed in when I went camping at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, (left) my dog Shadow climbed on top of a big rock when we went hiking down in Mission Trails, & (right) when I went fishing with my siblings near Seaport Village and I was able to capture the pretty sunset with a boat passing by right in the middle
Left to right: (top) I like how the colors of the berries and vine are vibrant but I wish it wasn't so bright on the top left corner, (bottom) I like the colors of the leafs because they are really vibrant and I like how the sky is a little grey, (right) I like how focus the image came out because you can see the details on the wall and the leafs and you can even see the little spider web clearly

My Year (1st Half):


In the past semester, I feel like I've done really well with the outside pictures. For example the pictures for the spirit poster and the portraits. With the outside pictures I feel like I have improved compared to freshman year because I am now more experienced with the camera and I actually know how to change settings. I've learned this past semester what settings go best for outside shots, hall way shoots, and indoor (classroom) shots. I've also learned to be more comfortable in front of the camera. What I am still struggling with is the studio portraits because my model has glasses so it's hard for me to take pictures because of the glares and I have not learned the best position for her and the lights in order for there to be less glares on her glasses.


My first goal is to become more confident in being the model. I plan to achieve this goal by interacting with more people in class so I can be more comfortable about them. My second goal is to become better at taking fast motion pictures. I plan to achieve this goal by learning about the right settings to use and how to snap the photo at the right moment. My third goal is to become better at photoshop especially with skin retouching. I plan to achieve this goal going back during my lunch time to re do the skin retouching assignment we had and to look at other tutorials to find out which technique and way would be easier and works best for me.


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