Good Life Tour of the Harn Maria Maceda

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: Overlook Mountain, Woodstock, New York (1922) painted by Ernest Fiene had a technique of small strokes of different colors, one on top of another that make up a bigger picture. It looked as if the texture had a thickness element to it, when turning your head side-to-side you can see all the paint mounted on top of each other that give it this texture. This style of painting is considered a modern trend where the artist applies different strokes in order to create the image. The Overlook Mountain is especially vibrant because of the bright colors and unusual style of strokes. When I saw this I felt serene and admiration. The how difficulty of having to keep the image clearly in your head when not really having an penciled outline makes it impressive. I felt as if Fiene painted this beautiful nature scene with such complexity because nature itself is complex and in order to capture its true beauty, one most try to not be basic.
Design of the Museum: The exhibit that was most attractive to me personally was Mirror Mirror... Portraits of Frida Kahlo. Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artist, as well as being one of my heroes, so I was extremely excited. When I saw the big picture of Frida they had right in the middle of the exhibit, I couldn't hold back my excitement. It was on a bright blue wall and the photograph was enormous, it called my attention right away. The exhibit made me extremely amused by all the photography they had of her. The way that the photographs were placed in chronological order made it feel as if I was walking trough a timeline of her life. I had seen plenty of photographs of Frida but the Harn had some that I had never seen before. The exhibit was very uniformed and the photographs were placed on the walls very nicely. The Frida exhibit is definitely my favorite part of the museum.
Art and Core Values: Street Scene, Market Place (1925) by Jonas Lie portrays my core value of respect. Treating others, like you would like to be treated is one of the most important concepts in life. This painting when I first walked by it, made me think that the two women in the vibrant colored clothing looking down on the women working are being disrespectful. It looked as if the two women think they are better than the other women because they have the luxury of shopping and not having to work. I truly believe that in order to live a good life one most respect all and not look down on anyone, no matter what. It is not okay for someone to think they are better than someone because they are richer. Even so, when you see someone working hard, one shall not think of them as leaser but think of them as hard workers. Money does not depict a good life and working does not depict a hard life. We must all not judge others, no matter what, always respect others and think of them as equals. This painting helps me understand that my core value of respect is valued by the artist as well. I firmly believe that Lie was truly trying to show that life can be so cruel when us humans start to think of ourselves as better than others.
Art and the Good Life: Zandvoort, (1936) by Frank Stella this sculpture captures my thoughts on what a good life is. This sculpture is made out of different pieces, all full of color, with different strokes and styles to make a bigger image. I believe that in order to live a good life you most have different elements or aspects to get there. I truly believe that one can not find the good life if they are only looking for one thing to make them happy. Or if someone is expecting their life to go one way or have a closed mind about what can make them have a good life. The good life is not easy to achieve nor does it come in one form. It is different for everyone, as well as it may not be what you thought it would be. This sculpture made of different beautiful but weird shapes make up a beautiful artwork. Life is the same, we must go through life picking up all the beautiful, unusual, and personal moments that are leading us towards the good life.

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