Sami Around The World 15 Borders, no limits.

Sami Around the World is a travel project by three friends who want to cross the world to break down all the barriers, starting by the mental ones, adventure by adventure.


We are Andrea and Annalisa, and we are planning a 5-month road trip from Turin to Tokyo, along the Silk Road, to make our friend Sami live the most beautiful experience of his life and realize his greatest dream: participate in the Paralympic Games 2020.

We'll ride the Ancient Silk Road


Sami never stops in front of anything. He is an active boy. He loves any sport, plays football, goes to the stadium, plays the guitar, has fun with his mates... We are his historical friends, those with whom he lived his first experiences, made the first trips, reached the first goals. Together we have always overcome every challenge.

This journey will be his greatest performance.

His biggest athletic gesture. His out-of-competition sport. A personal Olympiad, to demonstrate that the most important barriers to break down are the mental ones.

Above all, this will be a journey of three friends. A unique, amazing experience. An adventure to live an to tell.


It's the name we have given to our out of competition sport. We like to define it as:

"The discipline with which a group of people, with varying degrees of ability, find ways to overcome physical and mental limits to improve their lives, learning from each other and having fun together".


During the trip we plan to meet several people, schools and associations. We'll also try to contact the Paralympic athletes of the countries we will visit.

We want to deal with different realities, bring our witness, spread the culture of Paradventuring and try to redefine the concepts of border, limit and barrier.


Around our project we built a real team, made up of people who will help us in organizing the trip and in its documentation.

We are going to tell our adventures on social media, using different channels. All the material will be collected in a documentary, once back in Italy.

In order to cover all the journey expenses, we will open a fundraising, which will allow anyone to help us make our dream come true.


Created By
Sami Team


Photo by Mauro Ujetto, Video By Davide Oddone