Gavilan College Education Forums Spring 2017

In Spring 2017 we tried something new -- instead of waiting for local high school seniors to visit campus, we came to them!

The first event was at Gilroy High School.

We did a mailing to all of the seniors in the school district, inviting them AND their families to attend.

GHS principal Marco Sanchez came by to meet everyone!

Staff from different departments and services set up tables with information, and chairs for attendees.

We tried to encourage meaningful conversation, rather than just handing out flyers.

We had some cool giveaways though!

....and displays of creations using the 3D Printer from the Digital Media department.

Staff was ready, and excited to be there.

Table signage was put in terms everyone could understand -- we know that prospective students don't know our jargon yet!

Everyone was asked to sign in, and give us an email address for follow-up

Superintendent / President Dr. Kathleen Rose did a brief presentation about the college.

She let the students and families know about Gavilan College's programs of study, degrees and services.

....and stressed the economic value of a Gavilan College education.

Then the real fun began!

We called it "Gav-Go-Round." Guests had to pick a different table to for each of five 15-minute sessions, and sit down for an in-depth conversation with staff, faculty and students until it was time to change tables.

Kind of like Speed-Dating!

They got their Gav-Go-Round slips signed at each table.

These signed slips then went into a drawing for two Kindle tablets! Associated Student Body President Omar Lopez pulled the names.

The big moment!

The second event was at San Benito High School.

We were ready with even MORE information to distribute and even some laptop displays!

The presentation was in the auditorium.

Lots of the high school staff were on hand, including SBHS Principal Adrian Ramirez, a Gavilan alumnus!

There were a LOT of students and families there.

Gav-Go-Round had to split into separate rooms!

It was a great time to make personal connections.

Guests really valued talking to our current students about their experience at Gavilan College.

"Getting Started" and "Financial Aid" were also very popular!

Student clubs, like the Honor Society, were represented.

...and Athletics got to meet some future players!

It was the largest of the five events. SBHS staff did a great job promoting the event, and encouraging their students to attend.

We got more confident at each event.

At Live Oak High School, we found ourselves in the library......

...and found it very conducive to our event!

There was plenty of room for Gav-Go-Round.

It was great to see how many students and staff were willing to give up their evenings to be a part of the Forums.

Some instructors made it to EVERY forum!

A wide range of departments participated.

Superintendent / President Dr. Kathleen Rose was at EVERY event. (She knows that presentation very well by now.)

We found that the event format worked and could be adapted to different spaces, and different crowd sizes.

The most valuable part was engaging in meaningful conversation with seniors who were excited to become college students.

Parents appreciated the opportunity to meet so many staff members, and to get their questions answered.

One mom told us: "I'm glad my daughter will be in good hands!"

Although we were pretty nervous before the first Forum...... event number five at Ann Sobrato High School, we have GOT this!

We know what we're doing, and that it will be well-received, so we can relax and have fun.

The Noncredit department came to every event to reach out to parents who might want to learn English or get High School Equivalency.

....and Jackie Richburg from the Career / Transfer Center let them know that Gavilan College is JUST THE BEGINNING.

Everyone who attended a Forum now knows they have personal contacts at Gavilan College.

They know there are people here who can help, and that we are friendly, approachable, and COMMITTED to their success.

We can't wait to see these students on campus next year!

Our ASGC president Omar won't be here though. He's transferring to a UC!

Staff, Faculty, High School Seniors (two with new Kindle tablets!), and current Gavilan Students celebrating the end of the first round of Gavilan College Educational Forums.

Next year will be even better.

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