My favorite design is my L Spot Color. I like his nice blue hair, It makes him stand out. I feel like my Photoshop skills have improved. In the future, I plan to us this information and skill if I create and design my own game, manipulate photographs, and create stuff and things.

My cover design is my Spot Color design I did in Media Arts. The subject is an anime character. His name is Naruto and Pain. This design required me working with grayscale and CYK layers. I used the mask tool to achieve this spot color design.

This is a logo design. I picked these pieces because I like these in the shows I watch.
This is my Hue & Saturation design. I used a bus and instead of it being yellow. I change the Hue to a color.
This is my Spot Color design. I used L from Death Note. I made his hair and eyes colored.
This is my Take What You Need Poster design. I took away the O in the word you and made it a poke ball. I used these Pokemon from the games and shows. I used Pikachu, Eevee, Mew, Charizard, Gyarados, Diglet, Seel and Magnemite.

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