Spirit Week 2018 The Paly Voice

Waldo isn't hard to find amid the sophomores donning striped shirts and red and white beanies for their "Where's Waldo?" theme on the first day of Spirit Week. Photo: Ryan Wisowaty
Freshmen cluster on the Quad during brunch for their first Spirit Day, dressing for their class theme of astronauts. Photo: Ryan Wisowaty
The juniors gather in their hippie gear, ready for the first rally of Spirit Week to begin. Photo: Ryan Wisowaty
The juniors struggle against the sophomores in tug-of-war, eventually clenching the victory but ceding first place to the senior class. Photo: Ryan Wisowaty
The Class of 2021 stands in the bleachers decked out in western wear for the second day of Spirit Week, Salad Dressing Day, during which sophomores interpret the theme of ranch dressing. Photo: Margaret Li
Junior Leo Marburg hops toward a hula hoop during the Knee Trembler game, ready to deposit a tennis ball into the ring. Photo: Margaret Li
Seniors chant and cheer, showing off their togas and flash tattoos for their Caeser salad dressing theme. Photo: Margaret Li
The seniors claim victory in Knee Trembler, finishing the second day of Spirit Week in the lead with a cumulative score of 4,885 points. Photo: Margaret Li
A rainbow spans the bleachers on the third day of Spirit Week, with each class wearing its designated color. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Sophomores Atticus Scherer and Hana Ericsson go all out in red to win Best Dressed for their class. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Seniors Abigail Black and Mia Zenger watch their classmates from the stands. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Students race toward the end zone in the hamster ball race. Photo: Margaret Li
Each class competes to fill its bucket during the second rally of Color Day during Tutorial in the Peery Family Center. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Freshmen chant and point during the Tutorial rally, as cheers echo around the gym. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
Students make their way toward the bleachers on the fourth day of Spirit Week: Generations Day. Freshmen dressed as babies, sophomores as "teeny boppers," juniors as sophisticates and seniors as senior citizens. Photo: Gracia Hmelar
Junior Hannah Shader, styled as Dwight Schrute from “The Office,” and junior Alfredo Jack, wearing a tuxedo and sunglasses, pose for the best-dressed competition on the fourth day of Spirit Week. Photo: Gracia Hmelar
Freshmen toss an inner tube as they compete against the seniors in the Ring Toss, eventually ceding the victory to the upperclassmen. Photo: Gracia Hmelar
Junior Jurgen Dittrich flings an inner tube during the ring toss competition. Photo: Gracia Hmelar
Seniors wave flags and cheer on their classmates in the relay race during the lunchtime rally on the final day of Spirit Week, where all students donned green and white, with the exception of the seniors, who wore camouflage. Photo: Margaret Li
Freshmen slip a hula hoop from person to person during the first stage of the relay race. Photo: Margaret Li
Seniors leap over one another during the relay race, ending in first place after defeating both the freshmen and juniors. Photo: Margaret Li
The Class of 2021 celebrates during the final lunchtime rally of their second Spirit Week. Photo: Margaret Li
Juniors Sanaz Ebrahimi, Tyler Varner, and Hazel Shah stand on the track, enjoying the last day of Spirit Week. Photo: Allie Feitzinger
A crowd of juniors roars with enthusiasm as students watch their peers compete. Photo: Margaret Li
The front of the junior float sported a motif of a Volkswagen bus adjacent to a campsite scene. Photo: Amy Lin
Seniors perform their final spirit dance, led by a classmate dressed as a dinosaur for their class theme of Jurassic Park. Photo: Amy Lin

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