Alcohol: Determination to Destroy the Nation Cheyenne Romine

How's this affecting the society?

Alcohol has affected our society in many ways, but the main problem with alcohol today is the abuse on it used while driving by citizens (usually underage), causing fatal car crashes. Alcohol has become a problem the past few years because of its addictive quality and the uprise of traffic facilities of teens. More law enforcement for the use and sale of alcohol products could prevent car crashes and the consumption of alcohol for young teens .

Alcohol is a substance which impacts oneself with negativity thoughts and feelings, changing one’s behavior and actions. Alcoholism was recognized as a disease more than two hundred years ago, according to the article “Alcohol Abuse and Addiction. The article shows that the abuse of alcohol can affect one’s self, such as “self-esteem”, “impulsivity”, “sensation-seeking”, “behaving under control”, and “antisociality”

Alcohol has become the main source for fatal car crashes with the increase of alcohol consumption the past few years. Ralph Hingson,researcher of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse, blames this addictive beverage to be the reason for so many car crashes today: “41 percent of fatal traffic crashes involved a driver or pedestrian who has had alcohol in their body”, so he says.

Alcohol doesn’t only affect on one’s driving, but in one’s living. Watts states “alcohol abuse is closely tied to such modern social problems as drunk driving, homelessness, spousal and child abuse, and economic ruin”. Watts also states that “public opinion on the matter has yet to have any effect”, which is why alcohol has become such a big problem today.

Alcohol abusers and bingers don’t seek to see their addiction, especially those of teens. Addictions, such as alcohol, is caused by behaviors that “serve an emotion-regulating function and can thus lead to addiction” (Addiction). Many don’t see the problem in the world today with alcohol because they fail to see the addiction alcohol has and how easily it can be to be addicted and under the influence of it.

How to solve this issue?

A researcher named Schiavone states the majority of impact alcohol has on our society, especially for teenagers: “In order to save lives of these teens, drinking age laws must be enforced” and that the message that drinking and driving should be “reinforced". With the help of enforced laws and alcohol policies, alcohol may become less of a problem for the society. Alcohol has impacted our society dramatically, and the use of law enforcement and learning when handling alcoholic sales and the use of it will help impact our society in a great manner.


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