How Storms are Created. Rachel morris

TORNADOES!: Tornadoes actually form from thunderstorms. Warm and cool air combines and creates a unstable atmosphere. the hostile air eventually twists and turns into a spiral , causing it to lose control.
HURRICANES!: Hurricanes form near the equator of warm ocean water. The water rises near the surface, and thats when the swirls start to create. as the warm, moist air cools off the water forms a cloud, it spends and grows being fed by the oceans heat. once it hits land, it dies out.
THUNDERSTORMS!: Thunderstorms for from warm air that has rose. water vapor condenses and forms cumulus clouds. Once everything condenses that when the mature stage of the thunderstorm occurs, which is the uproar of the whole storm. It all comes from unstable air, and moisture.
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Rachel Morris


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