The Soul selects her own Society by emily dickinson


Her soul is selecting who it wants to listen to. And then shuts the door on all of the outside world. To all of her perfect aspects that she no longer sees.

When her soul is released she sees the world stop before her eyes a king is kneeling at her feet.

She has known her soul from a large nation and population. She chooses one person. Then she shuts out the world again and focuses on that one person and stays as still as stone.


I think it is very strong imagery when the line "Emperor be kneeling" because it makes me picture a man kneeling to the soul in which case I picture the mind as the Emperor and the girl as the soul. So it is saying to me that she has power over the mind.

I like how she used the work Ample instead of large because it shows how large it is instead of saying a large nation it puts emphasis on how large the "nation" is.

I found a personification "The Soul selects her own Society." To me it means that she selects what she wants to feel no matter what the mind says.

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