the music version of a little girl's life inside brianna's life

There are many words to describe music and my life is a combination of all those words

My name is Brianna Glover, I am 14 years old and my birthday is on December 5th. I was born in 2002. I’m currently in the 9th grade at Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts and vocal is my major. I’m the youngest in my class because my birthday is late in the year. When i graduate, I will be 17 years old or 16 because i might skip a grade. My favorite subject is vocal because that’s the time i can express myself through song and i can share my personal story. Music has gotten me through life because i feel like i understand myself more either when i’m singing or if i’m listening to music on youtube. i still remember when I sang my first song and i remember how that moment changed my life forever.

I also remember seeing this flag before my adopted mother came and took me in as her child. Chad is in South Africa and that’s where I’m originally from . The people in Chad speak one language and that language is Swahili. Habari (that means hi). I’ve known the language since i was little. Ndio! Ninazungumza Kiswahili (yes i do speak swahili and I speak it well). Swahili is my first language and english is my second language.

I also remember that I was raised in a Christian church. The congregation has been like my second family (my church family). They've been taking care of me and they still take care of me and they will always care because they have love for me . I believe that God wanted me to have that second family so that they can love me as much as my real family does.

In 2016 my mother and I lost our home and no one wanted to help us. But we had each other and we still have each other so I know that we will be ok. The lord is watching over us.

I remember that I didn't always appreciate my home. But when the two fires destroyed it, I realized that if i had appreciated my home, I would probably still have my it. Now that I'm in a shelter, I think about how badly I treated my space and how i never appreciated it. How I wish I could go back to a place I could call home.

At this point, I feel like I don't have a home. But then I think about being on the streets and and not in a shelter and I'm glad that at least I have somewhere to lay my head and I have somewhere to call home (for now). I swear i don't wanna be in the shelter but i know if i leave the shelter then I’ll have nowhere to go, that I would be on the streets with actual homeless people.

Sometimes I think of myself as a foster child and sometimes I can’t make sense of who I really am. One day I will figure it out.

In the meantime, I listen to music and it helps me focus on what really matters in life and what really matters in my life and other people’s life. These past few years, I’ve gone though a lot, but it’s getting better because I know that as long as i believe in myself then i know that i will become something and it will be something bigger and better. Whenever I feel like I don’t matter, I think about what my counselor at school tells me everyday: that I do matter. Whenever he tells me that, I believe that I will become something, become something big, and I know music will get me there.

this is my life


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