Ten Technology Troubles By: Kaiden Smith

Trouble #1-Pop-up ads keep coming

Trouble #2- The computer is slow

Computers can be slow because they have the possibility of getting a virus no matter what, so that means even if you have the latest anti-virus software you still are at risk because hackers are always making new viruses.

Trouble #3- The power wont turn on

The computer might not turn on because the power cable is not plugged in all the way or the power strip is turned off or unplugged.

Trouble #4- The internet doesn't work

You might not be able to get on the internet because the network cable is unplugged.

Trouble #5- Your computer screen is black

The computer could be dead or off so you might want to check before thinking something is wrong.

Trouble #6- You keep getting taken to pages you didn't want to go to

The computer has malware because malware does stuff like that so you have to keep up to date with anti-virus software.

Trouble #7- Your files have been erased

If your files are gone you more than likely have malware.


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