Mexico and France By Ria

Lets start with FranceπŸ‡«πŸ‡·
Bonjour,lets learn about France


The population in France is more than 64,859,209 people changing dramatically every day.


The climate is different in different places in France.It all depends on how far away the different places are from the Atlantic Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea. Their winters are usually cool and rainy and the summers are usually not to scorching which is good.πŸ‘

The most significant landform

The Alps of course.The Alps are the highest mountain range system stretching to about 1200 kilometres across Austria,France,Germany,Italy,Liechtenstein,Monaco,Slovenia and Switzerland.The highest mountain is Mount Blanc at 15,781ft high!πŸ™€

The Alps


French is the official language spoken in France.In the 1500s,French was only spoken in areas around Paris.Everyone else spoke Breton, Dutch, German and a few more. I am also learning how to speak French.


The main religion is Christian with Roman Catholic, Protestant,Jewish and Muslim.


French people consider cooking as an art.Good food and wine is an important part of life for them.They love their appetisers,sauces, soups and desserts.Appetisers include scallops, garlic butter sauce and mushrooms in a creamy wine sauce. A traditional French dinner would have 7 courses.First an appetiser or soup. Followed by meats and salads, crusty bread, cheese or fruit is usually served with most meals. A very special meal would include a dessert.

Traditional dress

The traditional dress depends on the region but commonly used items would include lace trimmed blouses,aprons with colourful flowers and white bonnets.One thing in common with every traditional dress is that they are all based on the 18 th centurary.

French dress


French people love to play rugby,football and basketball.They also love cycling and horse racing especially trotting.


French people celebrate many things.The official public holidays are New Years Day,Victory in Europe Day,May Day,Bastille Day,WWI Armistice Day,Easter Monday,Ascension Day,Whit Monday,Assumption Day, All Saints Day and we can't forget Christmas!πŸŽ‰

Celebrate the joy


1903 - A man named Henry Desgrange founded the Tour de France,which is the worlds most popular and important bicycle race.

1914-1918-Germany battles France in World War One.

1919- Verscville,France is the location of the Singing of Treaty of verscville, which then ends World War One.

1940-Germany invade France during World War Two.

1944- 4 years later France is freed from Germany.

1945- France along with other allies defeat Fermany,Japan and Italy.

1981- Fransisco Mitterrand is elected president for 14 years. He becomes Frances longest serving president.

1991- Edith Creson becomes Frances first female president.

2002-Euro bills are introduced.

2012- Fransisco Holland is elected president.He is the countries first socialist president in 17 years.

French language with pusheen
Lets move on to Mexico
Hola Amigos lets learn about Mexico


A stunning amount of more than 129,754,049 people which is changing amazingly.


The climate depends on where in Mexico.The BIG differences in altitude conclude up to 3 main temperatures.They have long scorching summers and winters that are not to chilly.

Most significant landform

Sierra Madre Occidental is a major mountain range that runs northwest and south east through northwestern and western Mexico.

Sierra madre occidental


Mexican people speak Mexican (obviously) and Spanish.

Main Religion

Roman Catholicism.


Real Mexican food is quite unlike Mexican dishes served in restaurants in other countries.Tacos,salsa,enchilades,chilaquiles and much much more.

Traditional dress

There are many traditional dresses in Mexico.Women commonly have colourful ponchos worn on special occasions.Sleevles huipiles with skirts peasant dresses.Men have a decorative,very wide,brim hat made from straw Allee a sombrero. They also wear heavy shawl like coats.


The most popular sports in Mexico are soccer and boxing. They do baseball,basketball,bull fighting,softball,surfing,motor cross,diving and professional wrestling which they call Lucha.


Mexican people celebrate many things like Semana Santa( Easter Week),Dia de Los Muetos ( Day of the Dead) and Dia de la Virgen de Guadalupe( Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe).


Time line

1810-1821- Mexico fights for independence from Spain and wins it in 1821.

1836- Texas declares its independence from Mexico and the battle.

1848- U.S wins the Mexico vs America war and gets the Mexican territory.

1910- Mexican revolution begins when citizens rise up against rulers.

1968- Mexico City hosts the first Olympic Games ever held in Latin America.

1985- An earthquake hits and kills nearly 10,000 people.

2006-U.S president George W Bush authorises the building of a 700 mile fence between the U.S and Mexico to stop illegal immigration.

2007- More than 500,000 people are left homeless after heavy rains which cause flooding in th southern state of Tabasco.

Similarities and Differences

France and Mexico have some differences and similarities like they both play basketball.The population in both France and Mexico has been changing dramatically over time with an average of 97,324,567 people altogether.They also both have Roman Catholics in their countries.Thier flags both have the colour white and red put in the exact same spot. The only difference between the flags is the first colour and that the Mexican flag has a symbol of an eagle eating a rattlesnake perched upon a prickly pear cactus.


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