Regan Patterson ray_patt warrior Section 41 journal log 5

This week we I prepared two special adventures. The first was the “For Your Audience” adventure and the second was the “Source Machine” adventure. The first was one was guided by a reading that we had to do. We were given five facts about a situation and had to write our version of the story based on the perspective of an investigator, a coroner, a eulogy, and a lawyer prosecuting the killer of the given character. This was a fun assignment and an opportunity to use my own creativity to make up a story based on five vague facts. A habit of mind that was used was definitely creativity. It was a creative writing piece because even though it was guided with the facts and perspective, we could write any story of the situation that we wanted. I decided to make my story a murder case behind an illegal drug exchange. This was not the first motive that popped up in my mind, I came up with the motive when I was on the last part writing the lawyers case in the court. I needed evidence to find the killer guilty so I used that reason and went back to put in clues of the possible drug case in the coroner report finding drugs in his system.

Rhetoric and genre were the main purposes of this assignment. Rhetoric painted the picture in every paragraph while genre set the type of language used in the different perspectives. For example, the location and time made it easy to use description to make the scene seem like a crime scene. The genres varied as well. In the murder scene, I used language that was similar to what I have heard on CSI and other detective shows. In the coroner’s report I used medical language. In the eulogy I spoke nicely of the man who died, even though he was a druggy but that is because the setting was most likely a funeral. In the court house I used accusatory terms to make the argument that the man on stand was in fact the killer. I also spoke to the jury because of the genre.

We also had to write the source machine adventure. This was less creativity and more engagement and flexibility. The engagement came into play while searching across databases to find different articles that had to do with my subject and that were reliable. This was hard, however, I was able to find four good sources with the library database and two others from google. I had to be flexible because not all sources I found would be useable while some were usable but I had to read ten pages for one piece of useful information. For this assignment, we had to find two sources and read them to find quotes and important words. We also had to organize the information into subheadings. As a warrior, I had to go one step extra and write a summary on the articles I used. It was not hard for me to choose which articles to use because there is one that has a ton of information and I know is already my primary source and another that compliments well. Although this assignment took some time, doing this made it easier to do the next raid because I already had two of the six sources completed.

We also read an article that talked about reading like a writer. The main point I got from this article was to analyze the choices the writer made while I am reading and recognize what I may have done differently. This helps me understand the decision making process in writing.


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