Domain Eukarya Classification and taxonomy

Kingdom Animalia

All animals are heterotrophs.

Some are capable of camouflage.

All are multicellular.

All are motile.

Some are domesticated for certain purposes.

Animals do not have cell walls.

Many have some feature that has adapted to their environments.

Many reproduce sexually, very few are asexual.

They tend to look pretty different from each other.

Many are pretty intelligent and can problem solve.

Kingdom Protista

Protists are like the junk drawer.

All reproduce asexually.

Some are autotrophs.

Others are heterotrophs.

They can be motile.

They can also not move.

They can be multicellular or unicellular.

Algae is also a protist because it didn't meet the plant requirements.

Protists live in moist or wet environments.

Some move by a flagellum.

Kingdom Plantae

Plants are autotrophic.

All of them are multicellular.

Plants are nonmotile which means they can't move.

Some are asexual but most reproduce sexually.

They have cell walls made of cellulose.

Many plants receive help reproducing from animals.

Many plants provide oxygen which most animals need to survive.

Plants are highly diverse.

Most plants are green because of the chloroplasts.

Kingdom Fungi

All are heterotrophic.

All fungi are nonmotile.

They can be sexual or asexual.

They can be multicellular but they are rarely unicellular.

Cell walls are made of chitin.


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