José Marquez EP VIdeo treatment


The concept of this series of videos is to tell the story of 3 dancers that travel to these imaginary worlds to bring back the essence of salsa music to the future. Each song will be a chapter of the story and at the end it will all tie in together (3 videos in total)


Think of an imaginary world where someone from the past lived and created a sound that had something to do with salsa music. Our story begins with our first dancer waking up in an abandoned train station. The cabin looks like a jungle and a mixture of African atmosphere with Caribbean roots.

The music begins right away and our dancer starts it`s routine. He dances throughout the cabin looking for clues of the world he just woke up in. He makes his way to the outside of the cabin, once he gets outside he notices what appears to be a photo booth he curiously makes his way to the booth and notices a vinyl player with some vinyl’s next to it, he grabs one of the vinyl’s and steps into the photo booth, the photo booth snaps a picture and this will transport the dancer back to the present world he is living in, we see the photo booth now inside of a thrift shop, the dancer steps out and make his way to a display where a mannequin that appears to simulate a DJ is standing. The dancer drops off vinyl in the crate and goes back to it`s display were now he turns into a mannequin

Each of our stories will have our dancers (mannequins) in these worlds bringing back these vinyls.

One Dancer comes back from the Train Station

Second Dancer an Antique fishing shop

Third Dancer comes back from a church

At the end once all the 3 dancers bring back the records we see our DJ come alive, the DJ turns on the music in the thrift shop and all of the mannequins become alive in thrift shop, we feel the beat about to drop and we see all of the dancers getting ready to start the party but before you know it the janitor (Jose Marquez) turns on the lights, everyone freezes back into there mannequin position. The music keeps playing so the janitor walks over to the DJ booth looks through the vinyls, takes the vinyls and walks out.



Created with images by Pexels - "abstract background branch"

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