Lil Ron Ron is an adult animated urban web series created by Brandon Reed and Ron Bush. Lil Ron Ron follows a precocious six-year-old, who humorously exacerbates his parent’s separation drama by innocently tattle-telling on them. Every encounter is inevitably spirals into confusion and hilarity -- proving no secret is safe around him. Lil Ron Ron's comedic sensibility and epic catch phrases "Lil Ugly Dude" "Yep, mmhhmm Cheese sticks taste real good" will have viewers laughing out loud.

"Lil Ron Ron always cracks me up" Facebook comment via Cartoon Connect.


Brandon Reed aka Cartoon Connect and Ron Bush aka Ron BoiTV

Brandon Reed better known as Cartoon Connect and Ronald Bush also known as Ronboi's Lil Ron Ron adult animated web series is quickly becoming a household name. These two millennial innovators are taking social media by storm through laughter and creativity.

At the age of five, Cartoon Connect began drawing characters from the books he read. Today, the 24-year-old Indiana native and single father of two, is enjoying the success of his social media sensation.

“Two years ago, I learned how to use an animation program. Now, I’m creating cartoons that are being viewed by millions on social media,” said Cartoon Connect.

While Cartoon Connect was dabbling in illustrations, 27-year-old Ron Boi of Mobile, Alabama was impersonating family members. “Growing up, I was the class clown. I was always putting on a show for friends and family,” said Ron Boi TV. Those funny sketches became an instant hit on social media for the aspiring comic.

Ron Boi TV’s talent didn't go unnoticed for too long by Cartoon Connect. “I thought he was incredibly funny and began following him on social media. I reached out to him on Instagram about creating a cartoon around his impersonations and the rest is history,” said Cartoon Connect.

The urban web series resonates with young adults and pokes fun on touchy issues surrounding co-parenting and coming to terms with a break-up. “As a single father raising two small children, I’ve experienced the exact awkwardness in dating,” said Cartoon Connect. “I think that’s why the series is relatable to so many people because they see their lives being played out in a cartoon,” added Ron Boi TV.

The future for Cartoon Connect and Ron Boi TV is one to watch. “Our hope is to continue to create stories that will get people laughing more,” said Cartoon Connect.

"They should make Lil Ron Ron a TV show," Twitter comment via Ronboitv.
"Funny as hell. This always makes my day 😂😂😂," Instagram comment via Ronboitv.


a laugh out loud urban Cartoon that's Sweeping social media

(Atlanta, GA) -- Brandon Reed, a 24-year-old, South Bend, Indiana native and 27-year-old Ronald Bush of Mobile, Alabama are the brains behind an hilarious urban web series called Lil Ron Ron. The webisodes follows a six-year-old named Lil Ron Ron and pokes fun at the day-to-day realities of an uncoupled parents raising a son.

The debut of “Lil Ron Ron Answers his Mama Phone” went viral within twenty-four hours and garnered nearly 4 million views in counting on social media. “I never imagined it would blow-up as quickly as it did,” said Ron Bush. The second release “When Lil Ron Ron comes home from Daddy’s house” equally endearing and hilarious -- successfully captured a million views within hours and over three million to date. Brandon and Ron combined have 1,040,916 YouTube subscribers and 127,118,640 million watch time minutes.

Lil Ron Ron caught the attention of The Real Housewives of Atlanta's star Kandi Burruss-Tucker on social media. "This cartoon is so funny to me! @ronboitv is hilarious. Other celebs have also given their praises, including music mogul Jermaine Dupri, R&B crooner and Grammy Award winner Anthony Hamilton and Tameka “Tiny” Harris of Vh1’s TI & Tiny: The Family Hustle.

Here's what fans can expect to see in season 3. “There will be celebrity cameos. Viewers will learn more about how the relationship between Lil Ron Ron's parents evolved. We'll be introducing other interesting characters,” said Ron.

"Our fans are always asking us about developing a Lil Ron Ron movie. We hope to drop one in 2018. Thanks to our fans, our brand is expanding. Without revealing too much, we have a lot in store for our fans. So stay tune!," added Brandon.

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Instagram: RonBoiTV

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Cartoon Connect is a collection of hilarious cartoon web series and parodies written and developed by Brandon Reed on YouTube.


Ron Boi TV is a funny sketch comedy aligned with over-the-top humor created by Ron Boi on YouTube.

Media Contact: Olivia Almagro

Email: Almagro11@aol.com/Tel: 786-351-0299


Am I the only who gives the video a thumbs up or a heart emoji before I even watch it??? I just know it's going to be good. 🔥🔥🔥 Facebook comment via RonboiTV
"I live for Lil Ron Ron!😭😭😭😭😭😭" YouTube comment via Cartoon Connect.

Lil Ron Ron WebisodEs

"Omg I love this cartoon. My stomach is hurting now from laughing so hard... 😂😂😂😂" Facebook comment via Ronboitv.
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#Cheesestick nation😭😭😭


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Lil Ron Ron was named one of the "Top Ten Black YouTube Series" to watch in 2016 and 2017.

Brandon Reed (Cartoon Connect) and Ron Bush (Ronboi TV)
Ron and Brandon interview with Derrick Boazman.
Atlanta Family Reunion "Saving Our Sons" panel discussion after photo.
Ron Boi and DJ E.J. Greig at Mobile, Alabama's 93 WBLX
Ron Boi hanging out at the 93 WBLX Radio Station.
Ron Boi at Mobile, Alabama 93 WBLX
Brandon at an invite-only YouTube event.
South Bend, Indiana's WSMK 99.1 Radio Station
Mobile, Alabama 93 WBLX Radio Station
1380 WAOK with Derrick Boazman in Atlanta, Georgia
The Real is Real syndicated radio show

Social Connection TV with Host Steven Littles, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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