Logo evolution By: Kenzie gross

Minnesota Golden Gophers

IDENTITY: The Minnesota Golden Gophers is a College in Southern Minnesota who are very good at most of their sports. They're known for having young competition around the United States.

NAME: There are many Striped Gophers around Minnesota so it blends well with their team name.

COLOR: Minnesota Golden Gophers colors are Maroon and Gold. Mrs. Augusta Smith, to select proper colors to use for graduation ribbons and other occasions. She chose maroon and gold, which made a favorable impression on the students and faculty in 1880. As the years passed and without any kind of formal action, maroon and gold became the official school colors.

BRAND MAKEOVER: The Minnesota Gophers changed their logos overtime to inspire people to like the Golden Gophers. Also to make the clothing look better and to get people to buy their products and have people go to their events.

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IDENTITY: The Minnesota Timberwolves are a Basketball Team who have been decent over the last couple of years. They are a young team and have talent. Also they are selling the future.

NAME: The Timberwolves are very common around Minnesota and mostly in Northern Minnesota, so the Timberwolves name blends well with their team name.

COLOR: The Timberwolves mostly use green, white, and blue. Blue represents a cold color for their cold climate. White represents the high-quality product. Green represents the Minnesota forests.

BRAND MAKEOVER: The Timberwolves have changed their Logo overtime to get fans to come out and support the Minnesota Timberwolves. The color white really catches customers eyes as a high-quality product.

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IDENTITY: University of Minnesota Duluth is a college in Northern Minnesota and is know as the Bulldogs. They are good at sports and is a popular college in Minnesota.

NAME: The University of Minnesota Duluth mascot is the bulldog, named Champ. When UMD was the Duluth State Teachers College, the traditional designation was "peds" for pedagogues or teachers, but this did not suffice as an appropriate image for UMD's athletic teams. In the spring of 1933 the athletes themselves picked the bulldog as the school's mascot. Originally named "Killer," the mascot's name was changed to "Champ" in 1997 to present a less violent image.

COLORS: UMD colors are Maroon and Gold. Because the University's colors varied during the early years, William Watts Folwell, first president of the University, appointed English instructor Augusta Norwood Smith to choose permanent school colors. Smith, "a woman of excellent taste," according to Folwell, chose maroon and gold. First used sometime between 1876 and 1880, the colors weren't officially approved by the regents until March 1940. The original school colors of UMD were green and gold, when UMD was the Duluth State Teachers College. The colors were changed to maroon and gold after the campus became part of the University of Minnesota System in 1947.

BRAND MAKEOVER: UMD changed their logo overtime to attract customers to by their clothing and to get fans to come out and support the UMD college.

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EXTENDING BRANDS: Stephen Curry is a professional basketball player from Golden State Warriors that gets sponsored by Under Armour. Stephen Curry is about $14 billion dollars to Under Armour. He is very popular and it extends to people to buy his shoes, clothing, etc.

Stephen Curry

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