A Trip to Dublin by Pavlos Antoniades and François Beauparlant

Welcome to our travelog!!! In this journal, you will read about my experience with François in the beautiful city of Dublin, Ireland. The intention of our trip is to visit the most attractions possbile and learn about the city. We are also planning to spend Saint Patricks' day in Ireland and can't wait to discover what festivities are organized for the national holiday!


March 14th 2017

What a day! François and I took off from the Trois-Rivières Airport around 7 o'clock in the morning and landed at the international Dublin airport around 2 in the afternoon. That's seven hours in a plane! Can you imagine that Makarov, François' uncle lent us his private jet for our 7 day trip! This means that we don't have to get any airplane tickets. The two of us need to respect our budget that consists of 4000$. We booked a room at the Marker hotel in downtown Dublin. In total, we planned to spend 2168$ for the 5 star hotel which leaves us with 1832$ for touristic activies. Our hotel includes free wifi and free food! We surely think that we will be satisfied with our stay. Anyway, we're so exhausted from our long flight and will hit the sack pretty soon. We will keep you posted.

Makarov's private jet

March 15th 2017

Today was a pretty relaxed day. Our beds were so comfortable! After sleeping in, we had a magnificent breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. The Maker's French toast tasted amazing! The rest of the morning and beginning of the afternoon was devoted to the discovery of the rest of our temporary domicile. It's a lot bigger and more impressive than we thought it would be. We have a magnificent view from our room. On the roof, there's a bar, a 25 meter pool, sauna and a whirlpool. We went swimming before dinner, then we feasted upon a great meal from an excellent chef. It's now 10 o'clock and I feel pretty tired. I think the jet lag is starting to kick in. We'll definitely feel better tomorrow!

The Marker Hotel

March 16th 2017

We woke up at 7 o'clock this morning ready to rock and roll and ready to attack the day! We started with a superb continental breakfast. In the buffet of our hotel, we ate from a huge variety choices that contained cereal, French toast, fresh fruits, pancakes, waffles, yogurt and many more. After leaving the hotel, we went on a guided bike tour around the city of Dublin. Our guides, Scott and Ethan were very friendly and told us all about the city and different traditions. They mentioned the cheese rolling festival, where local town residents roll a nine pound round cheese down a steep hill. They also gave us plenty of ideas for our next activities. We then spoke with outgoing and welcoming locals that spoke with a Hiberno-English accent from Dublin as well as an older couple from Liverpool, the had a distinct scouse accent. They told us where to be and what to do on Saint Patrick's day. After biking two hours, we stopped at the Long Stone, a small pub that served delicious burgers. After bidding farewell to our fellow riders, we went back to the hotel and relaxed on the rooftop of the hotel with a refreshing drink that quenched our thirsts after a long day. In total, we spent 73$ for the bike tour and 27$ at the Long Stone pub. It had been a beautiful day.

Our bike tour with Scott and Ethan

March 17th 2017

Saint Patrick's day, the main reason why we travelled to Dublin! After our first meal of the day, we spent the whole day outdoors participating in the Saint Patrick's parade in downtown Dublin. It was huge! At least half a million people had lined the streets. Many musicians played irish tunes and uplifted every spirit in the crowd. Everyone was dressed in green, including ourselves. We wore our marching green outfits for the occasion. After parading all morning and all afternoon, we signed ourselves up for the Backpacker Pub crawl for 24$. During the whole evening, we toured around the city in different pubs where we met many folks from different parts of the world that came to celebrate Saint Patrick's day just like us. The tour lasted till 3 o'clock in the morning. The moment we stepped into our room, we collapsed onto our beds, still wearing our green outfits, and fell straight to sleep.

Saint Patrick's parade in downtown Dublin

March 18th 2017

Wow! Last night was incredible! François and I were so knocked out yesterday. We literally fell asleep the minute our heads touched the bed and slept in almost all morning. I had never been so slow to get out of bed. We had a late breakfast before heading outside into another gorgeous day. Today's touristic attraction planned was the Irish Whiskey museum. For 54$, we spent the day visiting every part of the exhibit. We learned about the history and origins of whiskey and even got an opportunity to taste different types of the typical Irish drink. Strolling back towards our hotel with a whiskey bottle in hand as a souvenir, we determine a restaurant in which we could dine for the evening. We finally chose the FX Buckley steakhouse. Apparently, it's one of the highest rated restaurants in Dublin. After a luscious meal that cost us 100$, we walked back to our abode and got some shut-eye as soon as possible.

The Irish Whiskey Museum

March 19th 2017

We woke up this morning realizing that this would be our last day visiting the Irish capital. After our usual morning meal, we took a cab that cost us 15$ and made our way to the Dublin Castle where we planned to spend at least one hour and a half. The cab driver chatted my ears off as he drove us through the town towards the castle. The guided tour cost us 16$. Our guide showed us all the different parts of the castle and taught us all about the history of the area that belongs to the Irish government. We visited the luxurious State Appartements including the Saint-Patrick's Hall, the Throne Room and the State Drawing Room. We also ventured ourselves into the oldest part of the castle that remains underground. Going back to hotel by foot, we stopped at Quays Irish restaurant where we ate chowder, stew, and bosty cake, a typical Irish meal that cost us 40$. François and I spent the rest of the afternoon strolling and admiring the scenery of St. Stephens Green's park. Around 17h, we had already walked back to the hotel and were having an early supper at the hotel. Tomorrow was going to be a big day and we would need to be rested. We called it a day and went to bed.

Dublin Castle

March 20th 2017

What an exhausting day! We took off on our own private jet around noon after loading our luggage and putting fuel in the aircraft that cost us 500$. We took turns piloting the plane so one of us could get some rest. Our jet landed safe and sound in Trois-Rivières at 19h. In total, 1010$ remainded unused from our budget. Finally, we really appreciated our trip to Dublin and were very pleased to learn about the Irish culture.


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