St Peter Arbues Camila palencia

Feast Day: September 17

Date of Birth/Death: (1441-September 17, 1485)

Became a master of Canon Law at the University of Bologna before becoming an Augustinian canon at Saragossa.

His name is associated with acts of wanton cruelty and inhumanity in the fulfillment of his office as Inquisitor.

Was murdered by a group of Marranos in the cathedral of Saragossa.

As an Inquisitor, Peter Arbues was accused of cruelty and even murder, but there is no historical evidence to back this up. It is thought that Peter made enemies of local rulers or powerful families, this led to his assassination. They tried to kill him twice and died the second time due to his injuries. Considered a martyr for the faith he was beatified by Pope Alexander VII in 1661.

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