Teddy Roosevelt Skylar steimLe, noah friedrichsen, hannah schanze

Teddy was homeschooled. He wanted to be a zoologist. He studied at Harvard University and also attended Columbia law school, but later dropped out. And he also wrote a book.
Teddy's wife and mother died on the same day. He then moved to North Dakota and gets remarried. Later, he was elected into the General Assembly in New York. He then became the president of the board of the NYC police commission.
He became the assistant secretary of the navy. Teddy fought in Cuba and lead a group known as the rough riders. He became the governor of New York and was also given the Medal of Honor.
Teddy Roosevelt served his first term without a Vice President. He created what was known as the "Square Deal", which included the three c's: Conservation, Consumer protection, and Corporate busting. He mediated the Russo-Japanese war and later received a Nobel Peace Prize for that. He also passed the Pure Food and Drug Act.
Before he left, he basically handpicked his successor, Taft. After his presidency, he pursued his passion for the outdoors and animals by getting hired by Smithsonian to hunt animals. When he goes on a second safari, he gets malaria and is sick.
During WWI, he thought that we should have been involved at the very beginning, but instead, we got involved about halfway through. This was one of his famous quotes.

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