The history of VideoGames Mostly themed around us consoles

In October 1958 a physicist made the first video game, this game played very similar to pong

In 1971 the first video game arcade machine is produced, This game was called "computer space"

In 1972 pong is released, pong is pretty much responsible for popularizing video games

September 1972 saw the release of the "Magnavox odyssey" the first home console, it could not play different discs or cartridges.

In november 1976 fairchild make the "VES", this is the first console to play cartridges

In 1977 Atari made their first console the "Atari 2600", the Atari 2600 was very well received and pretty much made home consoles well known

In April 1980 former playing card company Nintendo makes the first mass marketed handheld video game system called the "game and watch", this system played very similar to a calculator

In 1983 the video game market crashed, it is widely speculated that this was caused by tons of bad licensed games overstocking retail shelves. This is the basis of what made many video game corporations more protective over the games being produced for their systems

In 1985 Nintendo makes the "NES", they advertised it as a remote control robot at first so they could put it in the toy isle

In 1988 in response to the NES, Sega makes the "Sega Genesis", They heavily marketed themselves as better than Nintendo, this started the first "console war"

1989 saw the release of the "game boy", this was the first handheld system that played cartridges

In 1990 Atari releases the "Atari lynx", this was the first handheld system with color

In 1990 sega releases the "Sega game gear" to rival the game boy, it is widely considered a commercial failure because of its very short battery life, even though it had color and a back lit screen

In 1990 yet another console is released, Nintendo releases the "SNES" to rival the Sega genesis

In 1991 Sega releases the "Sega CD" which was an add on for the Sega genesis, this console was also considered a commercial failure, it did however pave the way for disc based consoles

In 1993 Sony releases the "play station", apparently it was originally supposed to be a Nintendo console but Nintendo cancelled the partnership right before release, Sony decided to release it anyway without the Nintendo partnership

In 1996 Nintendo releases the "N64", this console was a bit behind as it still used cartridges even though everyone else was using discs

In 1998 Sega releases the "Sega Saturn" which was considered a commercial failure

In 2000 Nintendo releases the "game cube" which was the first Nintendo console to use discs

In 2000 Sony releases the "PSone" which combined with the play station become the first video game system to sell over 120 million units. The PSone functions identically to the original play station.

In 2000 Sony also releases the "play station 2"

In 2000 Microsoft releases their first console simply called the "Xbox

In 2001 Sega releases the "Dream cast" which was also a commercial failure, after so many commercial failures Sega begins developing for other systems

In 2005 Microsoft releases the "Xbox 360"

In 2006 Sony releases the "ps3"

In 2006 Nintendo releases the "Wii" this was well known as the first console with motion controls

The "Wii u" is announced in 2012

In 2013 Microsoft releases the "xbox one"

In 2013 Sony releases the "ps4"


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