Albert Einstein By spencer v.d

Did you know that the only think he fisicly made was a refrigerator

E=mc2 Lead to the atomic bomb

Einstein had dropped out of schools at the age 13

Then he got a phd in science

In Einstein youth he had his phd after that he had bing come up the with the equation for the relativity of time which is atomic power. Atomic power lead to the atomic bomb not just the atomic bomb but to the make of nuclear power plants which still affects the world to day. Albert Einsteins meaning for e=mc square is the body's mass times kinetic energy mins the speed of light squared making e=mc squared. After the atomic bomb was used two times Not by the Germans who had invented the atomic bomb It's was the USA who had used the first nuclear bomb. In all Albert Einstein and successful life and live it to the fullest.
The only true thing that Albert Einstein invented was the refrigerator sure he did create the relativity of time and m=mc square. What I mean by invented is in real life like could touch something and feel. Einstein in his youth (13-16) his teacher said that he would never finish high school or middle school. At the age 15 Einstein had dropped out of school at the age 16 he got a hD from Zurich Polytechnic. Einstein invented the refrigerator because a family of four had died of gas poisoning from the old gas powered refrigerator, they till Einstein created the Einstein refrigerator to stop the gas leak. After Einstein had died a man, how goes by the name of Thomas Harvey who had started the autopsy on April 18,1955 thinking that it would help them in the mere future. In all Einstein had a successful life changing the “world one step at a time”.
Before Einstein had died he had denied the chance to live from his doctor he had told them that“If want to go when I want to go”. But the true last thing he had said was in German but sadly the nurse that was watching him at the time didn’t know German so Albert Einstein finally words are unknown at this day. The disease Albert Einstein had was called abdominal aortic aneurysm (the main blood vessel that delivers blood to . The body at the level of the abdomen) which he had refused . treatment by saying that he wants to die he should be allowed to die. Over Einstein's older days would mostly the way he want them to be.


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