Martin Luther King Jr. By michael noble

Martin Luther King Jr is a very important person, he gave all people more rights, more liberty, and more freedom. He guided us through times that now in time, we most likely wouldn't want to be in.

This is Martin Luther King Jr when he one the Nobel Peace Prize.

Martin Luther King Jr is very intelligent, he planned 8 protests, and most of them were successful. Martin Luther King Jr is also determined, he and other people protested for years without giving up, even when they were locked behind bars. Martin Luther King Jr is also fair, he protested for rights and fairness between black and white people.

Martin Luther King Jr gave us freedom and rights, made buses and shops better for both, black and white people, and helped white people treat black people better.

Martin Luther King Jr was one of the major leaders in the civil rights protests back in 1955 through 1968, did peaceful protest to help black people gain more rights, and he kept protesting even when he received death threats and, the risk of death or imprisonment.

Martin Luther King Jr was so famous because he never gave up protesting, he gave people their rights, and he was assassinated.

The reason why I admire this person is because he helped me and my friends get in the same school, he made it so anyone can sit anywhere, and he gave almost all African Americans their rights.

Now Martin Luther King Jr may rest in peace with his dream, to have equal rights for black and white people.

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