Poems CAST 3rd period


This is a mighty fine line; just like a rich man's favorite wine; there are many good looking lines, but this one right here, is a mighty fine line.


In the background you can see shapes. And even more shapes in them(squares). Shapes are all around us. It's up to us to find them.


Is it 3 dimensional? It's Form. Can you go around it? It's form.


There is both the darkest value and lightest value in this image. Lines of different values make the hair of the Lion.


There is space to be worked in. But there is also work where space would be better. The artwork doesn't always need to have no space left. It could make the artwork show emotion only understood by some fellers.


When light reflects off an object, I see what color it is. You can't see anything or the color of anything in total darkness because of this. The light can be artificial or coming from the sun. I can see the color of my skin because of this reason.


"The surface on the object above is not rough." You eyes tell you that I'm lying because it is. Your eyes see the shadows and cracks in the object which is enough. Enough information to know that running your hand across it wouldn't be a bliss.


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