Innovative Media is one of the subject that is needed to produce editing videos, creating storyboards, webs and many more which can help me to improve my skills and ability. I expect to gain more knowledge and to be better in the future. Hi i am Jane Cho Wei Zhen and i am not the type of person who loves editing but i would like to learn more about it. I am more a type of person to be in front go the camera.




Pac man game is one of the oldest game that is still yet trending to the social world. It is one of the stylized as Pac-MAN that is an arcade game that developed by Nanco &a first released in Japan in May 1980. It was created by Japanese designer Toru Iwatani.

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Exercise 2 - VIRAL CONTENT
Why do people take drugs?

The term ‘drug’ has now been given a new connotation. It was used originally to means ‘medicine’. Drug has become a worldwide problem in modern times which means a habit-forming substance that is taken pleasure or excitement and induces sleep or produces insensibility. Youth and teenagers are more prone to become the victims of drug abuse. It is one of the most addictive habit which can lead to drug addict and it is one of the difficult way to control. There are thousands of men and billions of dollars which are involved in drug traffic thus that is why it is so difficult to keep it under control. Drugs is one of the harmful substance that are made of chemicals as example K ( Ketamine ) , iced, cocaine, ecstasy, heroine, marijuana, happy 5 and many more. These can lead to physical, behavioural and emotional addiction. Physical signs of addiction is over-active nor under active, weight loss, clothes do not fit the same and changes in hormones. Add on, behavioural addition is missing important engagements, appointments, class works, conversations will be based on drugs or how it is and many more. This can leads to changing of attitude and hormones as well. Last is emotional addiction which will feel irritated, defensiveness, confused, silly, denial and more. These are the main 3 of the addiction which will lose control over more of the amount and frequency of use. Nonetheless, things will change for a person’s attitude or behaviour eventually. Drugs is one of the dangerous medication to even try or take.

There are 3 reasons why people do take drugs but the FIRST reason will be why people do take drugs is because they want to realise their stress, forget how hurtful things are in life, escape from reality, depression level and many others to overcome the feeling of being so stocked up. Because this can help them to enjoy and get the happy feeling for awhile. Come to think of it, it will not last for long so what is the point of taking drugs. Many people around are facing this issue because they are busy working, running own businesses, relationship problems or family and friends, running away from one another and many others. Drugs is one of the harmful substances that can lead to many issues. In the research shows that many have heard of reports where young person stole their mother’s ornaments to buy drugs as well. Drugs is not one of the cheap product or substance to purchase because it is one of the chemical that cost a high price hence illegal. People around will tend to sell it at a higher price and sell it around to the youths and many more. It may be dangerous as well n cause once you get caught by the cops, you will have to face your parents as well. The amount of hessle that you have to go through it’s going to be the amount of work to settle it down.

The second reasons is because drugs is one of the addiction. That shows how desperately drugs can do to you. Drug abuse may negatively affect the kidneys and the brain. Harmful drugs attacks the nervous system. Also, causes loss of appetite, brings drowsiness all the time and saps one’s strength and stamina. Some of the people who are taking drugs is because of curiosities, peer pressure, mental gap, lack of self-reliance and many more. These is why it leads to many youth who are addicted to drugs. Drug addiction can be prevented if that they are taught of its harmful consequences. Some of the people who are addicted to it may go crazy as well such as going crazy or retarded, killing one another, got into serious fights and many more. This problem will lead to going into a serious problem which you will have to suffer for days or maybe even years. Nonetheless, things will not be the same anymore if you are one of those people who suffered in that situation.

The third reason is based on when you are someone who get addicted to it and you are trying to stop from taking drugs, things will be harder for you because you may need to go for rehabilitation. Going to rehabilitation will tend to have money wasted. Drug-addicts can be done through different type of medical processes. When a patient is to give up, they will suffer from several physical troubles. Attempts are made to release the need for the drugs from the mind of the addict. Most people get better results if they include yoga, meditation and hypnotherapy as part of their treatment procedure. If the patient do not have the time or patient to do all these, they will tend to suffer even more. Family members should advise to stay away and to be in the drug-free world.

To conclude, alcohol and drugs are two different type of things because alcohol is not as worst as drugs. But drugs is one of the best way to escape from reality but it's not one of the correct way to harm your body. If we do not take care of our body, things will be hard for us in the future or in the past life when you are living because bad substance is in your body. Think twice before starting this behaviour because at the end of the day you will tend to regret. Why want to suffer when you are actually living the good happy life? If you are in it, you have to go through so many processes which will be ups and downs. So what’s the point? Last but not least, this is also one of the most common problem in the world relates to taking drugs. Why should we take instead of doing something better? So we should say and tell everyone in the world "Say no to drugs because it is one of the most harmful substance that will kill your body "

These is why drugs is one of the dangerous substance. WHY TAKE DRUGS WHEN YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ELSE? SAY NO TO DRUGS 💉💊


Description : The main purpose of the aim for this app is to sell clothing that are streets wear, hoodies, caps, Iphone cases and to provide catalog on models that wears some of the clothing. This also provide coupon that gives special offers.

This app is able to provide easy shipping, easy usage and only take up a few minutes of your time to complete your payment, also provides Informations that are trustworthy.

Home Screen
Brands of CLOTHES
Example of One of the brands
Catalog of model with BRANDED clothing
Example of CATALOG
ASSIGNMENT 2 ( Short Video)


MINDMAP ( 10% )


Scene 1

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location : Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props : Camera, Bagpacks, Car

  • A group of us which is Jane Cho, Jeremy Khoo, Nurfarhana Mastura, Sarah Shahidah, Airil and Hussain arrived at Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur which is the long food street that attract tourist. We will show the surroundings of the area and we as a group which are the 6 of us will start to vlog while walking and be saying “ welcome guys to Jalan Alor”. However, we will be showing the number of restaurants that they have over there at the Restaurants.

Scene 2

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location : Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props : Camera, Bagpacks

  • As we walk further, we as a team will start walking in further to explore on the restaurants to show which are the best top 5 best food in Jalan Alor that is a must to try. Our team have had decided on 5 restaurants which have different type of cuisine such as Restoran Wong Ah Wah, Dragon View, Mook Thai, Dina’s Kitchen and the monster ice-cream for dessert. We will introduce the number of best restaurants and each of us will be saying based on our respective restaurants that be we had chosen.

Scene 3

Characters : Hussain

Location : Restoran Mook Thai Food

Props : Camera

We choose the first restaurant to stop which is the Restoran Mook Thai Food. It is based on Thai food and Hussain will be introducing the food based on the best food they serve in that shop. Hussain will be saying “ this is the best food in Jalan Alor” please do drop by and he will be explaning more on the food. He also give further information about it thus he explain multiple food that is the main best in that restaurant. The rest of the team are sitting down listening to him and tasting the food together in order to try on new food that the rest of us never try it before.

Scene 4

Characters: Airil

Jane Cho


Location: Restoran Dragon View, Jalan Alor

Props: -

As we continue exploring the food wonders of Jalan Alor, Airil leading the rest of the group, begins to introduce a new type of dish. We end up at Restoran Dragon View, which is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant. Airil looking excited and he then introduces the specialities and famous food of the restaurant. Dishes such as Pho Noodles and Cha Gio, which means, fried spring rolls, were ordered. With a close up of him enjoying his food, some of the group members have a close up of each enjoying a traditional dish.

Scene 5

Characters: Sarah

Location: Dina's Recipe, Jalan Alor

Props: -

Sarah approaching a stall that is featured for grilled lamb. Sarah looking impressed as she saw the lamb being roasted on a grill bar up close. A lot of smoke is being fanned out by a staff member from the lamb as it cooks. Sarah begins to join the staff member as he allows her to fan out the smoke as though she was his assistant. She then eats a ready chopped grilled lamb that also included black paper sauce all over it. Sarah looks extremely pleased on how delicious the dish was.

Scene 6

Characters: Jane

Location: Restoran Wong Ah Wah

Props: -

Jane begins showing another restaurant which was popular for freshly grilled chicken wings. Wong Ah Wah is a Chinese restaurant and is always listed as one of the popular locations to eat. Jane holds up two chicken wings in excitement. A close up of the chicken wings shows how juicy the chicken wings are. Jane eats the chicken wings with so much emotion as it thrilled her even more. She shows the rest of the group a thumbs up which indicates how good the chicken wings are.

Scene 7

Characters: Farhana

Location: Desserts Monster Stall

Props: Camera, handbag

Lastly, we stopped at the monster ice-cream stall and Farhana introducing the monster ice-cream. She is holding the ice cream cup and be saying “ Monster ice-cream that is made or ice but in a different kind of way” *shake around with it*.

Scene 8

Characters: -

Location: Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props: Camera, tripod, cars

It is the end of our top 5 best restaurants that we introduce in Jalan Alor. It comes with various type of food suggestion that we have gave which are thai, vietnamese, chinese, malay and desserts shop. Each of us have introduce the food based on the specific restaurants. It will shown as a time-lapse the whole process on how Jalan Alor is one of the hectic place and best place to eat.

Scene 9

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location: Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props: Go-pro Camera, Handbags, Cars, Selfie sticks

Last but not least, we as a group started to take selfies and start vlogging on our experience and how happy we are. After we are done we will dismiss back to our own separate ways.

Short Video For Assignment 2



Eggie is tired and sleepy 😪


Eggie is feeling confused and he doesn't know what to do about it.


Eggie is so happy and is giving a cute smile


Eggie is angry and he probably feel like punching someone

5) SAD

Eggie is sad but he have little ducky by his side.


Eggie is busy working in the office with his computer.


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