Genius Hour "you are a genius and the world needs your contribution"

Innovate or Die

1948 3M

2004 Google

Classroom Possibilities

one hour a week can...

  • facilitate autonomy and a sense of purpose
  • promote critical thinking
  • develop creative problem solving skills
  • celebrate failure as in important part of any process
  • encourage creativity, adaptability, flexibility
  • reinforce collaboration with peers, staff and experts (collaboration is the new innovation)
  • intrinsic motivation
Much of education is oriented, for better or worse, toward making a living, rather than making a life ~ Logan LaPlante
Creativity is as important as literacy and we should treat it with the same status ~ Sir Ken Robinson

The Confidence of a Child 3:42-6:01

IBM’s Institute for Business Value recently surveyed 1,500 chief executives to understand what the most highly sought after business skills are today. These CEOs identify "creativity" as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of the future. (NYSE: IBM - News)

Genius Hour Potential?

  • Better problem solvers
  • Better prepared for the rigor of CCSS
  • Better equipped to successfully break down the complexity and rigor of Smarter Balanced and NECAP Science questions

what comes first? A driving question or the potential impact?

It depends. it is organic.

Change the World!
  • educate others
  • solve a problem
  • call people to action
  • build/make something useful
  • plan an event
  • raise money for a purpose
  • recognize/inspire others
  • design a better way to do something

generating ideas ~ Empowering or debilitating?

Building An Idea
Building An Idea
Building An Idea
Generating Questions
Non Google-able Questions
What Makes a Good Question


  • Organize Folders (Physical or electronic)
  • Collaborate with your school Librarian
  • Create a survey (SurveyMonkey or a Google Form)
  • Conduct an Interview with an "Expert"

Think Beyond the slideshow


Real problems~real solutions

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me: amy moskwa riddle brook school grade 4


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