World peace

Today I’m going to share my dream with you. My dream is about men, woman, and children that can join together without conflict. I have a dream that one day America will be able to stop the wars and stop the terrorism. For years and years the world has been at war costing millions of lives. If the world ever stoped the wars we could work together to make the world a better place, by saving money from the military and using it to help us grow into a better country. We could help the third war countries by giving them clean water, electricity, and heat to survive the night. For years the world has gotten a bad check, a check which has come back marked “insufficient funds.”

If we get passed our differences than then the soldiers won’t have to worry about getting home to their little girl or little boy, or having their loved one always wondering if you survived. Even without war the government could use that money to pay off debt, or even help out the 50 states. Every day you can hear about something like murder or disasters, but I could all stop if we all joined hands and put aside our differences. I have a dream that the world will join forces and live together in peace.

By: Grant Tesluk

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