The appreciation Japan had for the art of Beauty By: Alyssa balderas

The beauty and fashion time during the time of the heion period .Both gender of men and women groomed them self. They took care of each other with such good care.

For men it would make them more attractive if they shaved there beards pointed at the end. There clothing needed to be very beautiful looking and must look good on them and must fit perfectly on him.


This is important because without it this culture would not care about looks aand many more since they stared doing this it has impacted there so much now from way back then.

When they do all this stuff and dress up it helps them really how much love they had for the art of beauty and how it it is so important to there culture. It also states type of form they had for there beauty that also used in diffrent parts of the world as well/

The girls all ways put white face paint on that coverd there whole face and neck .They mostly styled there hair down straight in a very low pony tail Or in a nice looking dressy bun in there hair but there is also many more styles in the ways the liked doing there hair. They used blush no lip sick because the white face paint was on there lips .

This shows an image of them performing on stage with a very classic dance.

There wearing nice blue dresses with nice pretty looking flowers. They also wore all diffrent types of dresses of all diffrent types of .styles

Created By
Alyssa Balderas


Created with images by Fotocitizen - "cherry blossom flower blossom" • Cea. - "[ U ] Kitagawa Utamaro - Three Beauties of the Present Day (Toji san bijin), ca. 1793" • chorickr - "long time no see" • sharonang - "lantern orange bright" • Nullumayulife - "Japanese Traditional Dance; Awa Dance: 阿波踊り" • Yoshikazu TAKADA - "Autumn Leaves" • Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view - "Green Band of Koriyama HS, Japan" • Nullumayulife - "Aoi matsuri festival in Kyoto, Japan; 葵祭、京都" • sfbaywalk - "Fish Seller and Beauty with Cat" • Fæ - "Shiranui Kneeling Beside a Crucified Man LACMA M.84.31.382" • Nullumayulife - "Cherry dance in Kyoto: 京都、 都をどり 2"

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