Native American's and the government: My Solutions By: Adrianna Rodriguez


My name is Abequa and I am a Native American. In my tribe, we are called the Lakota Sioux. Throughout my life I’ve seen the fury between my people and the U.S government. The problems I choose to talk about are the problems that mostly impact Native Americans. The problems started when white settlers found valuable resources in Native land, white settlers moving into the West, and broken promises made to the Native Americans by the government.

Problem 1

Valuable resources were found on Native land. When this was known, we were moved into reservations. The valuable thing they found, was gold. It was so valuable they wanted to find it all. They also seen our precious bison/buffalo which, we would use for clothes, food, etc. They took the rest of that too. Whatever we had, they wanted. We had land, they wanted that too. Manifest Destiny, they called it. Which was a term the Americans used which made them think they deserve everything.

Problem 2

When the government found these valuable resources they soon moved us Native Americans West, so they could take our lands. They either pushed Native Americans by force or the Natives went voluntarily to keep the peace. The Natives who didn’t move, they stayed to fight. This caused major problems during this time because white settlers were not having it. They wanted them out immediately!

Problem 3

Broken promises were also a big problem because the government told us they would take care of us but they ended up not following through with their promise. They had made a treaty called Treaty of Fort Laramie. It was established in 1851 and it stated, that each Native American tribe would accept a bounded territory, and allow the government to construct roads and forts in the territory, in return we would not attack white settlers; and they would pay us annually. By "taking care of us" they said they would give us horses, livestock, food, household goods, and farming tools. We accepted, but it soon fell apart when we didn’t get what we were promised.

Their solutions to fix these problems

They tried to make solutions to these problems by making treaties or laws but they didn’t work-out because something would always happen that broke these laws or treaties. When these treaties or laws were broken fights began. The battle of the little bighorn happened and we won but Americans had an image of us, we were "savages". They also, made the Dawes Act which was passed in 1887 and it authorized the President of the United States to take Native American land and divide it into allotments for individual settlers. this act also stopped the social cohesion of Indian tribes and eliminated the remaining vestiges of Indian culture and society.

My Solutions

My solutions to these problems are quite simple. I think to stop all the chaos from happening everyone should learn to share, be accepting, and be honest. For example, when the government finds the valuable resources they should share. That goes for us Native Americans also because if we share it will be just smooth sailing from here. Sharing could be a key to everything. If we all share the gold, the land, and the food we could live peacefully together. Also, if we accept each other and we don’t try to assimilate each other to one’s culture it will just make us more powerful as a nation. Being honest can fix the broken promises made by the government to the Native Americans because if they do what their supposed to do in the first place and don’t lie to get what they want or just in general have some morals everything that happened wouldn’t have happened.

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