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William Shakespeare learned a lot through his early years as a child like what he wanted to do when he grew up.

Quote 1: William Shakespeare was born in April 1564, Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom he was baptized on April 26 three days after his birth as an infant. He grew up with seven other siblings as the third oldest of them all. He went to school at King Edward VI School.

Commentary: William was born in April 1564 with 7 other siblings and went to King Edward VI School. He was the third oldest of them all and was baptized when born.

Quote 2: William grew up in a town called Stratford as a middle class family at the time. His father was a glove making in the town of Stratford that was 75 miles Northwest of London. His mother was a daughter of a farmer and then her father gave her away to marry John Shakespeare's father. William went to an outstanding School. William was very successful in the future following his dream to become what he wanted as an adult. He was one of the greatest dramatists of all time writing many grammar school learning from teachers from Oxford and so on.

Commentary: William’s father was a glove maker and his mother grew up helping her father on the farm. William went to a great learning school and was taught by great teachers.

Quote 3: Growing up as a child Shakespeare lived in a fun and adventures town. He grew up watching parades, pageants, and even plays. He also was involved in large fairs that would happen every year during the holidays.

Commentary: William grew up in a very fun town doing the things he liked and enjoyed even as an adult. He also learned about what he wanted to do in life after watching all the plays.

William shakespeare was most successful through his middle years which were also the greatest years of his entire life.

Quote 4: As Shakespeare got older he became more interested in plays and acting like when he watched the play Robin Hood as a child. He then followed his love for that and became one of the world’s greatest dramatist and the finest poet England has ever produced. He was said to have written about 38 plays and 2 masterpiece poems.

Commentary: William was very successful in the future following his dream to become what he wanted as an adult. He was one of the greatest dramatists of all time writing many poems.

Quote 5: He was very fond of using the Elizabethan Theatre for a lot of his plays that he wrote because the theatre helped use devices to say spice up the play and give the audience more. Also some plays even had devices using flight for the actors on stage which the audience deeply enjoyed.

Commentary: William loved to perform in the Elizabethan theatre because of the devices he could uses to make his plays better and more audience friendly. Also he used involved flight in his plays.

Quote 6: Shakespeare's plays were some of the best plays to ever be written in the 15th century which made him one of the greatest of all time. The plays were called inspirational and very popular by all countries around.

Commentary: William was very popular to countries all around and was inspirational to all watchers and writers themselves. He inspired many around the world from young to old.

William Shakespeare was the least successful as he moved into his old town where he grew up and lived the rest of his life there with his family.

Quote 7: Later on in life Shakespeare was married to a woman named Anne Hathaway a local farmer’s daughter. They had a child named Susanna 6 months later after the marriage. The crazy thing was that Anne was already pregnant before their marriage.

Commentary: William married a farmer’s daughter who he married and had a kid with 6 months after the marriage. And she had already been pregnant before the marriage.

Quote 8: After the marriage he had begun to settle down with his wife and daughter. He began to not write as much and narrate a lot less to spend more family time and so on.

Commentary: He settled down with his wife and kid after marriage. But did not stop making poetry and plays like he had originally done.

Quote 9: After all that he had done in London and England he decided to move back to his old town Stratford to continue the rest of his life. He later then died from natural causes on his birthday. Being known as one of the greatest poets and play writer of all time.

Commentary: He moved back home to live out the rest of his life. Then he died on his birthday known as one of the greatest poets and play writer ever.

William Shakespeare was one of the best poets to live.

Quote 10: In conclusion, William Shakespeare is one of the greatest poets and play writer to this day. Who inspired a lot of people with his work in many different ways.

Commentary: He was one of the greatest poets and play writer to live and also inspired many people. And brought a lot of Joy to the people around him.


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