The American Life By: Taylor Crawford

The 1800's is full of many different things. Life as an American was different. There was Literature with a powerful meaning, new music that was adopted by the African Americans, and New art like folk art. Let's go ahead and get more into the topics for the life of an American in the 1800's The Era of Good Feelings.

The Art of the 1800's was peaceful and showed a lot about the artist. There were many kinds of Art like Folk which was like quilts and weather vanes. There were portraits which was a painting of someone and showed details. There were some Artists too like John James Audubon whose paintings were mostly paintings of detailed birds. Also there was George Catlin who mostly had paintings for Native American villages and Native American culture.

Music then was mostly in Church but were also outside of church too. Most songs were old tunes but with new lyrics. With the growing prosperity outbursts of musical activities were born. Northerners had orchesters playing classic songs from Europe. They also had dancers who danced to the music in little cotillions. Some of the women showed there footwork as they danced which displayed their ankles.

Literature in America was different like The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Irving also did Rip Van Winkle. Other literature was like Davy Crockett which was about his life in the wilderness. Davy was terrifying with this election to congress. One of the nation’s first novelists was James Fenimore Cooper who did The Pioneers and The Last of the Mohicans. Another novelist was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from New England wrote the first American poem The Song of Hiawatha. Other poems he was known for was Paul Revere’s Ride and The Building of the United States.

Politics in the 1800's was mostly from the government. There was capitalism which was about the farmers and businesses distributing their goods for money. They also started american systems which is a plan calls for taxes on imported goods to protect the industry as also federal spending on transportation. They also started another national bank since the first fell apart in 1811. They also had James Monroe for their president.

Some people would say that the 1800's was not the Era of good feelings because not everyone was treated equal and also the war of 1812. I would have to disagree because the 1800's brought new music, art, literature and more to America, making it more different than other places and everyone was happy and had good feelings. More land has been added and people can move around and have more land. Slaves were slowly started to become free. I do see though how people could disagree with me since the conflict with Britain and other countries.

In conclusion, the 1800's was the Era of good feelings because of the beautiful art, cultural music, the improved politics, and the different literature. Even though children, slaves, and women did not like the 1800's it was still a great era. I get why they didn't like it but slaves were slowly turning free and women were still not treated equal yet. That is why i think the 1800's is the Era if good feelings.

Hart, Diane, and Bert Bower. History Alive!: the United States through Industrialism. Palo Alto, CA, Teachers' Curriculum Institute, 2011.


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