Red Pandas Red pandas are called fire foxes too!


Red Pandas mostly live alone. Each Red Panda lives in its own area it calls home. You can find Red Pandas in Asia.

Day Sleepers

Red Pandas are active early in the morning and at sunset. They are often active at night too. But they rest in the middle of the day.

Little Ones

A mother makes a nest out of sticks,leaves,and grass she will have her babies in the nest. Between one and four babies will be born.

Life In The Trees

Red pandas are super climbers they run quickly over branches.

Lots Of Leaves

Red Pandas find food in the trees and on the ground. They eat lots of bamboo.They also munch on fruit,grass, and mushrooms.

Something To Say

When cubs make a high whistle their mom comes running. It means the cubs need something now.

Help Red Pandas

Red Pandas are endangered so we need to help Red Pandas by not cutting down there home in the forest.


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