Andrew Jackson A True hero!!!

He had a really rough childhood !

Jackson’s father, for whom he was named, died shortly before he was born. Raised by his widowed mother in the Wax haws settlement located near the North Carolina and South Carolina border, Jackson grew up with a large extended family that were also Scots-Irish immigrant farmers.His oldest brother Hugh died of heat stroke following the Battle of Stone Ferry in 1779. In 1781, Jackson and his brother Robert were captured. During their captivity, a British officer slashed Jackson with his sword after he refused to polish the officer’s boots. Additionally, both Andrew and Robert contracted smallpox in prison and were gravely ill when their mother arranged for their release in a prisoner exchange. Shortly after their release, Robert succumbed to the illness and died. Jackson survived.

He was called a hero during the battle of New orleans

He rose to fame during the War of 1812 when he soundly defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans using a remarkably egalitarian force of slaves, Haitians, Choctaw, French pirates, Canary Islanders, and frontiersmen. The press declared him a hero and dubbed him “Old Hickory”.

He did his best to keep the U.S u united and safe from foreign countries.

Everyone thinks that he is the Devil because he kicked the natives out of their lands but think of it this way he did what it was the best for the country, he made the country larger and he gave the lands to farmers to farm to benefit the country. He even said that "Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in." That means that he tried his best to take the chances to make U.S a better place.

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