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Do you feel like once you're done working, taking care of the family and home, that there's no time left?

Are you seeking a service that allows you to be in control of your financial life quickly, securely and easily?

Would you like a 360 degree view of your complete financial picture; bills, income, debt, investments and more available 24/7?

Click on the link to sign up for this free automated financial and investment management software. There is no obligation! All you do is input your financial information into the secure website.

Sign up and input your information (bank-level security) and the free Personal Capital financial management tool gives you personalized money tools for; budgeting, spending, saving, investing, retirement, asset allocation and more.

Priceless Financial Intell For Free

I've used Quicken for years to manage my investments and I recently added a free Personal Capital personal finance software account. The reasons are simple. The free Personal Capital Dashboard offers:

  • Updated Account Balances
  • Income Report
  • Spending Report
  • Investment Check Up and Analysis
  • Asset Allocation View
  • Projected Investment Fees
  • Net Worth
  • Retirement Planning Calculator

Not only do you receive a picture of your current financial situation, but you get help managing your investments and figuring out what you’re doing well financially and what can be improved. The net worth calculation is more accurate than my Quicken dashboard, because it automatically updates the value of my home.

My favorite metric on the dashboard is the "You Index" which shows your investment portfolio matches up with popular indexes. The image below is for the year-to-date, but you have the option to set the time period for other periods. Notice that the "You Index" shows a return of 6.09%. Although the "You Index" (blue) investments include stocks, bonds, cash and real estate funds, these investments returned just 1.5% below the S&P 500 stock index (orange).

You'll also see the performance of all of your individual stocks, bonds, funds and other investments.

As your investment values change daily, so will the information on your Personal Capital dashboard. And if you haven't invested much yet, don't worry, there are money management tips and information included with the free Personal Capital tools.

Next, you'll see a description of more of the free tools to access from your Personal Capital online software.

The investment check up provides suggestions for improving your investment performance. The tool compares your current investment mix and compares it to an ideal allocation that might maximize returns and minimize risk.

Fees can be a huge drag on your investment performance. If you invest $1,000 in a fund charging 1%, then you're paying $10 per year. Compare that with a low-fee index fund charging a 0.10% annual fee. That fee drops your yearly fund management fee to $1. It doesn't seem like much, but over the years, higher fees can cost you thousands of dollars in lost returns. By analyzing your fees, Personal Capital alerts you to where you might be overpaying in fees.

Higher Fees = Lower Returns

There's so much more in this free gift. After you sign up, the Cash Flow Analyzer shows you exactly where your money is going as well as where your spending deviates from the norm. Get insight into your weekly, monthly and yearly income and spending habits with the Cash Flow tool.

Oops, looks like you spent more than you earned this month. You can change the view to examine income vs. expenses for various time periods. You can also drill down into specific income and expense items.

I want to invite you to sign up to access the free Personal Capital financial and investment management tools. You'll be joining over 1,000,000 people who use Personal Capital to track of $270 billion.

Thank you for joining the Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance community.

Stay tuned for more investing and wealth building tips and strategies.

Warmest regards,

Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS, CEO

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