My Life had stood- A loaded Gun By Emily dickinson

  • My Life had stood - a Loaded Gun -
  • In Corners - till a Day
  • The Owner passed - identified -
  • And carried Me away -
  • And now We roam in Sovreign Woods -
  • And now We hunt the Doe -
  • And every time I speak for Him
  • The Mountains straight reply -
  • And do I smile, such cordial light
  • Opon the Valley glow -
  • It is as a Vesuvian face
  • Had let it’s pleasure through -
  • And when at Night - Our good Day done -
  • I guard My Master’s Head -
  • ’Tis better than the Eider Duck’s
  • Deep Pillow - to have shared -
  • To foe of His - I’m deadly foe -
  • None stir the second time -
  • On whom I lay a Yellow Eye -
  • Or an emphatic Thumb -
  • Though I than He - may longer live
  • He longer must - than I -
  • For I have but the power to kill,
  • Without - the power to die -

Title- "My life has stood- a Loaded Gun" She might think that her life is always at risk. She might have anxiety or maybe be a worrisome person.

Theme- That anger can control ones life. I think the poem reflects on her isolation and her bottled up anger.

Connotation- The gun is said to be "Loaded"- which means that the gun ready to go and it might have the feeling of danger. She also said that someone has "the power to die" which isn't a good thing. They also use the word gun as a language, waiting to go off.

Attitude- Dangerous. She mentions items that are dangerous but silent until they eventually go off.

Created By
Harrison Cozart


Created with images by conner395 - "Loch Garten Inverness-shire Scotland (in memory of fallen police officer)"

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