DT Project Prototyping

We want to make a panic switch, so that it connects to an item (eg. coat, bag) and would be connected (possibly via bluetooth if that is possible) to another person whom you know who would be able to help or get help in the area.

We decided on this idea because it would be a good way to help people in immediate danger.

This is a simplified version of the circuit we would need to use:

Above you cans see the synth speaker which would be the output (the alarm) this is connected to the sound mixer which makes the speaker work. Then it's connected to a battery which has a switch on the side of it, this would be the actual panic switch.

This works as a simple circuit, however to make it properly work how we want it to it would need to be connected via bluetooth so that the switch and alarm are separate. We could develop this as a prototype by building a cardboard box around it to symbolise how it would roughly look in real life.

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