Monroe VOS Facing an uncertain financial future can be overwhelming. We guide you through our process which provides structure, relieves uncertainty and builds financial confidence.

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In the following year, we will grow the Monroe Vos client base by 100 new clients because of our “Pioneering Your Financial Future” marketing campaign. In 2020, we will focus on direct response, in-bound, lead generation content because we want to help our audience learn to know, like and trust Monroe Vos as the best solution for securing their financial future.

Brand Promise

Brand is the the thoughts, the feelings, the interpretations people have of your company or product for service. It’s who people think you are. It’s the 'emotional aftertaste' that comes after an experience (even a second-hand one) with a product, service, or company. A Brand Promise Is: Simple, Credible, Different, Memorable, Inspiring

Pioneering Your Financial Future

About the campaign “Pioneering the financial future”

To create a campaign that encourages potential clients in need of financial planning to contact Monroe Vos for an appointment. We do this by demonstrating to them that Monroe Vos is their PIONEER in the financial investment field. Clients can be CONFIDENT that Monroe Vos will listen to their needs and give them the best guidance and financial options available. The campaign will educate potential clients about Monroe Vos' background, including experience, awards, and dedication to customers. It will also let them know Monroe Vos is a LEADER in the financial industry whose strength is their unique process. It will communicate that Monroe Vos will confidently answer their questions with a vision of the future and come up with a tailored solution based on their risk tolerance balanced with the time horizon; thus giving them the peace of mind and confidence that they are reaching their financial goals.

Story Brand Script

At Monroe-Vos, we know that you want to be confident about your investments, and have an investment program that meets your needs. In order to do that, you need the right kind of guidance — and an organized effort to make the right decisions. The problem is: the process is complicated. Not to mention, there’s a lot to lose if things go wrong. And this can make you feel insecure and fearful about investing in the right way. We believe everyone should have the right to have good investment strategies. For the last quarter of a century, we’ve pioneered new, custom solutions for hundreds of clients, just like you. And we know what it’s like to not get straight answers — which is why one of our core values is transparency. Here’s how we work: First, we’ll meet with you to understand your needs and goals. Next, we’ll give you an agreement with everything spelled out. We’ll meet together quite a few times during this period to make sure you’re clear on everything. And then, finally, we’ll report back, every quarter, face to face, on the progress of your investment. So, contact us today to get started. And in the meantime, sign up for our [on-ramping funnel name goes here]. Stop wondering if your investments are in good hands — or how vulnerable your funds are. Instead, have confidence. Confidence that your investment program is meeting your needs. And confidence that you have professionals in your corner, every step of the way.

New Story Workshop Deliverables

Marketing Strategy

  1. Development of Inbound Marketing Strategy through the Hero’s Journey/Story Brand Script for Defined Contributions, Endowments and Foundations, Defined Benefits, and High Net Worth Individuals
  2. Keyword Development (Our Purpose-the lens to filter every decision)
  3. Develop Company One Liner/Logline

Key Words


We want the viewer to know Monroe Vos are PIONEERS in financial investment. Free enterprise is in their DNA, this is what has emboldened them to create processes and provide new approaches to investment outside the norm of their industry. Monroe Vos pioneers fresh ideas that are founded in traditional ethics of fairness and integrity. They adhere to the "cowboy ethic" that your word is your bond. We want the audience to understand the COURAGE of Monroe Vos- many are feeling fearful of the financial future, and Monroe Vos provides courage in uncertain climates. They have had the COURAGE to stick to the processes they have pioneered through all types of financial climates, which has resulted in enormous gain for clients. We will communicate the LEADERSHIP Monroe Vos offers, because investors are looking for a leader to point them toward the right investments. We want the audience to know they can TRUST Monroe Vos because they sincerely value their customers and treat them as people, not numbers. The aim is for the prospective clients to understand Monroe Vos have experience that gives them authority, and that authority is matched with a genuine desire to help their customers to the best of their ability.


What sets Monroe Vos apart is their FAIRNESS. Success to them is measured by how well their client is doing, not the consulting group. As a result, Monroe Vos makes financial decisions with their clients' best interests in mind, and are persistently fair in those processes despite industry norms to the opposite. This track record of unbiased advice has created unprecedented client retention. We want potential clients to understand that Monroe Vos is a market leader that effects change in the industry, and this leads to benefits to clients. We will demonstrate that Monroe Vos works with a small number of high-value clients instead of a large number of lower-valued clients to provide focused customer service. Their personal touch has created enduring relationships with their customers. This strong communication creates a high sense of trust and security and is one of the key attractions of Monroe Vos.


We want potential customers to feel CONFIDENT that they are in good hands. We want them to understand that Monroe Vos can be trusted. In a time of uncertainty, they can move forward with certainty that Monroe Vos employs time-tested processes with their investments. They can have a sense of security and financial peace with Monroe Vos, knowing that their needs are listened to and understood. Monroe Vos' processes and high value on customer relationships gives clients peace of mind and tranquility as they consider their financial future.


Our target market Audience-Defined Contribution, Endowments and Foundations, Defined Benefit, and Individuals of High Net Worth. The campaign will be directed first at major cities in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alabama, then opened to a broader audience within those states. We want those potential clients to know that Monroe Vos is a consulting group unlike any they have dealt with before.

Click Get Started

We want to encourage prospects to click the Get Started link to schedule an appointment. We want them to know that if they are looking for highly-skilled expertise coupled with authenticity, Monroe Vos is the answer. We want to create a desire in the audience for immediate action.


Facing an uncertain financial future can be overwhelming. We guide you through our process which provides structure, relieves uncertainty and builds financial confidence.

Proposed Deliverables

Full Funnel Conversion System

Campaign similar to competitor's marketing campaigns

Video Production

One Founders Story, One Origin Story, Four Product/Service Explainers, monthly/weekly Lead Generator videos (on going relationship). All 1 to 3 minutes long. Delivered in Full HD 1920x1080 archive version and 1280x720half HD optimized web version.

The Founder Story

The Approach- Founders Story

The film will be voice-over of the interviewees with b-roll that flows with the dialogue. It will be shot in an inspiring, cinematic style and be consistent with the samples presented in the treatment. We want the viewer to get to know the people behind the name, and know the Monroe Vos team are PIONEERS. Through courage and imagination, they have created a unique approach to investing unforeseen in their realm. This ingenuity has led to enormous benefits to their clients, yet Monroe Vos has persistently kept their fees low and put clients' interests first. Their approach is strong one-on-one relationships and absolute fairness in all transactions, which has resulted in high customer retention. We will communicate that Monroe Vos' structure provides peace and confidence to their clients. The goal is to create an emotional sense of connection and urgency to call today.

The Subjects

In this story we will feature founders Jim Monroe and Tim Vos. They will share their professional background and experience working within the industry and the why and how of Monroe Vos success. Footage of Monroe and Vos going about their work day separately and together, offices, meeting with customers will depict the commitment of Monroe Vos to provide customers with bespoke customer experience. It will also convey the authority Monroe Vos offers clients.

The Inspiration

This piece is done with natural warm colors to capture the real authenticity of the Monroe Vos. This is a highly respected professional group, but it’s made up of authentic people who truly desire to help. We want to convey a feeling of warmth and sincerity. The composition and camera movement is cinematic and somewhat kinetic in style to capture the feeling as if the viewers are actually there. The lens choice is 35mm-50mm to continue that illusion. Also worth noting is the way the shot’s production elements lend themselves to a down-to-earth, authentic feel — as if these were real moments, captured with real people.


Founder Story

Brand Story


The Script

Look around you, what do you see? Where are you now? Where do you want to go? Life is a landscape. But like any landscape, there are hazards. And the best path isn't always clear. It takes the right tools and a certain skill to make it. Sometimes, you need a partner to guide you. Someone who’s been down this trail before. Someone with the integrity to help you find your bearing. You can trust the character of those who put your interests above their own... For over thirty years, Monroe Vos has been that partner, filling the role of financial consultant for clients just like you. And with a 94% retention rate… well, that record speaks for itself. If you need a consultant who’s pioneered change in the financial industry, and who has a business model built around avoiding conflicts of interest — in other words, if you need a true partner, one who knows true north, then we’d like to meet. Visit us at MonroeVos.com to get started.

Final Version

Style Guide

4 Product Explainer Videos

Defined Contributions

This video will explain the Monroe Vos Contribution Solution

Endowments & Foundations

This video will explain how Monroe Vos works with Endowment and Foundation organizations to find the right balance between the need for cash flow to support their mission and the need for growth to support the long-term goals of the organizations.

Defined Benefits/Pensions

This video will explain Monroe Vos' process to help a Defined Benefit Plan meet its liabilities.

  • Structure that provides dependability of meeting these liabilities is the priority.
  • Matching liabilities with consistent investment return enhances this dependability.
  • An optimal portfolio mix of dissimilar investment strategies attains consistency of investment return.
  • Investment strategies that provide downside protection match liabilities more effectively.

High Net Worth Individuals

This video will explain how Monroe Vos provides solutions to help High Net Worth Individuals meet their investment goals.

Copy Writing

Video Scripts, Website content, Email Marketing Automation content written by industry expert copywriters.Well-researched, properly formatted, and referenced articles • Content that addresses the concerns of your target segment • Establishing thought leadership and credibility as an authority in the industry • Unique and 100% original content thoroughly proofread and checked.

Competitor Analysis

The process we implemented to compile the top 5 competitors in each geographic region was based on;

  1. Keywords obtained from Google Keyword Planner and various other analytical tools to determine which keywords MonroeVos.com is currently ranking on.
  2. Like service comparison: competitors providing similar services as Monroe Vos.
  3. Of the like services which ones are utilizing marketing techniques similar to New Story's Full Funnel Conversion System.

Preliminary SEO Audit

Branding Guidelines