Art portfolio 2016-2017 Anna Sommers

This year, I took Intro to Art because art has been a hobby of mine for the past 5 years. So, I wanted to become a better artist myself, learn new techniques, and try new mediums. In this class, I was expecting to learn about color and the color wheel, tricks and techniques of drawing, and watercolors. I knew that I would experience other mediums but had no idea to what they might have been. No doubt thought, this class has exceeded my expectations.
Edges and Contours
Space - Positive and Negative
Relationships and Proportions
Lights and Shadows
I think I learned the most from the drawing strategy of "Edges and Contour" because while it may not have been my favorite strategy to learn, it was the most useful. Before this class I did not draw what I actually saw. It was more of the stored symbols that I pulled from my memory instead of putting on the paper what my eyes were taking in.
In looking back at my past artworks and my more recent artworks, I've noticed that as I progressed through the semester, so did my ability to see the shadows and to see where there fade or transition into a different value. On the hand, I estimated more of where the shadows and highlights might be instead of placing them where they are specifically.
Chiaroscuro, the contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space, was used in all of my charcoal pieces. However, it was applied more effectively in some places than others. In this portrait, the eye, in my own opinion, is a better example of chiaroscuro than the mouth or nose. The eye seems to pop off the paper more than the either of the other features do.
My very first self-portrait pains me to look at because I have gained more knowledge on proportions and in seeing those unrealistic placements makes me want to never lay eyes on this piece again. However, while my proportions on the test run portrait improved greatly, there are still some noticeable flaws. For example, my eyes are too tall causing myself to look scared and the eyebrows which are not high enough on the forehead. On my finished portrait, there can still of course be places of improvment but I can tell I made advancements from my test run. The eye is more proportionate and the eyebrow is spaced more effectively above the eye.
I have two projects I wish I had more time on. The first was my self-portrait. When it came closer to the deadline, I rushed myself which caused me to become lazier with my shading and blending. Lazy shading and blending leads to a messier looking piece and that is one of the last thing I would want my art to come across as.
I also wish I had just one more day on the profile portrait because all this piece is lacking is the completion of the hair, the neck, and the collar. Which I believe I could have finished in another day. I just think it would have been nice to see the finished product if I were to have completed this piece.
Drawing Ability
One of the main areas I have seen improvement is in my drawing ability of not only myself, but in drawing other peers. While the left was from memory, there is still some major differences between the two. The right side, I used real proportions from my model whereas on the left I barely used any guidelines and drew what I knew at the time; symbols.
Technical Skills
Earlier I mentioned my improvements on seeing the shadows and change in value. Now, in these next charcoal pieces I can observe the advancements in controlling the charcoal and blending the transitions. The self-portrait has some areas where it is obvious which ways I was blending, to the point where it almost looks streaked. While on the fragmented piece, it appears more controlled and has softer edges to the transitions making the three papers come together more as a whole.

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