DTC #15: Leap frog Bounce from brunch to beers on your tandem gears.





Enjoy a healthy brunch on an unsuspectingly beautiful patio along the river before saddling up to your tandem ride.

Sample local beers at the only brewery in the valley.

Get instaworthy with the east sides alternative to the Hollywood sign.

Relax and savor that earned pint on a local patio.

The sign was constructed by artist Justin Stadel in 2013. Why this sign was built is not so clear. Some believe it has to do with gentrification of the neighborhood.
Stop 1

BruNch on the bike patio

• 12:30pm to 1:30pm •

Dipping into the Elysian Valley you may not realize the beautiful scene you’re about to get involved in. Upon entering the Spoke Bicycle Café you realize there is a true community atmosphere that is rarely seen inside the LA city limits. Order your avo toast or kale salad paired with a green tea and take a seat next to serious bikers and parents with their kids and dogs. If you’re lucky a band is playing country yarns under the awning while you prep your stomach and mind for a ride. After you eat gear up opposite the kitchen with your tandem at the bike shop. It’s time to hit the road!

Stop 2

ENJOY A PINT AT the brewery

• 1:45pm til you've finished your pint •

An inviting pit stop for bikers and weekend warriors alike Frogtown Brewery is the first and only in the locally beloved neighborhood. Grab a sampling of 2-3 pours or a pint, a Connect Four and plop next to dudes wearing helmets who click while they walk to the bar. When you’ve won your best 2 out of 3 and savored your last sip prepare yourself for the longest stretch of the road.

Stop 3

GlassellanD paParazzi

• post brewery til after 3:00pm •

After a 15 minute ride (please follow the map) you’ll pull up to the classic Glasselland sign ready for a photo opp. No one truly knows why it is here but it’s a good place for a hang to let your muscles take a break. When you’ve got your shots and are ready to keep on moving head a few blocks away to re-up your buzz.

Stop 4

Classic pint at a classic joint

• post brewery til it’s time to go home •

Walking on to the back patio Verdugo Bar you understand how its become a laid back enclave for locals throughout the years. You’ll grab a local craft beer and plop down on a communal picnic bench ready to take a break and relax for the remainder of the afternoon. Usually great music is playing, maybe a food truck will be posted up, regardless the conversation will be plentiful. After you've made some new friends it’ll be time to head back to Frogtown to return your trusty steed.

Bonus: If the party must go on. After you drop off the bikes walk over to Zebulon for some drinks and maybe a show.


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