Changing of Seasons by Ashlynn RodriguEz

The topic I chose for my photo essay was originally about the damage of the winter storms, but now that the weather is changing, I decided to capture the aftermath of the changing weather conditions and the transformation from winter to spring. I chose this topic because I personally dislike winter. After the 2 large winter storms, there was a lot of damage done to houses and nearby properties, my neighbors were constantly getting stuck by the snow and there were cars that looked like mountains of snow. Many roofs collapsed on buildings because of the heavy amounts of snow and garbage began piling up after trucks could not fit in alleys. But in a few days, the weather got warmer and spring was just inches away, I started hearing the morning birds and seeing sunlight pour through windows. The ice and snow was gone and the grass started to grow once again. I wanted to capture the transition from heavy winter snow to beautiful spring.

My first picture is of a beautiful polished ladybug laying next to melting ice. I think this truly captures the essence of winter to spring. We see a very common spring insect next to a melting block of ice. It really shows how the change in weather affects everything including the temperature and animals that reappear when the temperature gets warmer. My second photo shows a picture of a melted snowman, this captures the change from snowman’s to blooming flowers, we understand that when the snowman’s melt, that means spring is coming. My third photo is of a woman jogging down the street and taking advantage of the changing weather. This really captures how people are reacting to warmer weather after a long winter. Many people were at the park and walking around on the first day of warmer weather. My fourth photo is of three geese who have reappeared at the park as the winter weather got warmer. Many geese filled the air as they were making their way back after their winter migration. My fifth photo shows how the change in whether can actually create new conditions. Fog appeared in the park across the street and slowly drifted down the streets. This is an example of conditions that are caused by fast changes of weather.

My sixth photo is of a car covered in snow. I really wanted to capture the damage of the snow and how the color of the snow is very impacted by the change in weather, as the snow melted on the street, dirt turned it black. My seventh photo shows a beautiful sunset over piles of melting snow covered in dirt showing how the spring is slowly but surely coming and melting the dreadful snow. My eight photo is of a large icicle that is melting and creating beautiful ice formations. At the top of the photo you can see the sunlight that is melting this ice. This also captures the change in weather showing true signs of spring. My ninth photo is off a reflection of an oak tree on a melted snow puddle. To me this really shows how something beautiful like an oak tree can come from something ugly like a dark puddle of melted snow. It shows how spring is truly inches away. My tenth photo I beautiful sun shining over houses and trees, slowly but surely melting the snow away as we are getting ready for spring!

I hope those who see my photos will truly understand what I was trying to capture. I hope these photos will increase everyone’s appreciation for the way that our earth works. My hope was to truly capture the beauty of nature and all the life it brings to us. I hope they can potentially dig deeper into the purpose of these photos and create many of their own meanings to go along with them.

Polished orange ladybug captured on March 1, 2021 by melting snow and ice at Nazareth academy as weather increases to 44 degrees. (Lead)
February 23, 2021, snowman on Home Avenue in Berwyn melting as temperature increases to 34 degrees. (Scene)
Jogger jogging down street in Berwyn as side walks are still covered in snow but weather continues to increase on February 23, 2021. (Portrait photo)
Three Canadian Geese walking through the snow at Proksa Park in Berwyn as they return from their winter migrations to increasing temperatures on February 28, 2021. (Detail photo)
Fog caused by the changing weather captured at Douglas Park in Chicago on February 28th 2021. (Detail photo)
February 24th, 2021, dark brown car almost completely submerged in melting snow covered in dirt and mud in Chicago. (Detail photo)
Melting hill of snow covered in dirt and litter on February 23, 2021 in Berwyn. (Close-up)
Large icicles, formed at the side of a building in Berwyn, slowly melting as the weather changes on February 23, 2021. (Close-up)
Reflection of a large Oak tree in a puddle of melted snow on Home Avenue in Berwyn February 23, 2021. In the water, a piece of trash that most likely came from a car. (Signature photo)
Sun shining over gradually melting snow in Berwyn as weather continues to increase on February 23, 2021. (Clincher photo)