Oregon FEbruary-March 2020

At the end of February 2020 and the beginning of March I spent a few days driving the Oregon coast. The pictures here are arranged by day and not location; it is just easier that way. Please click on a photograph for a larger version.

Day 1 consisted of driving from Portland to the coast and then down to Lincoln City and Newport.

On day two I drove from Lincoln City to Brookings, with lots of stops in between. Brookings is almost to California, but I didn't make the extra drive to get to California since I've been to that state before.

The third day was a long drive back from Brookings to Yachats; I stayed just outside of Yachats on the coast. The Airbnb I stayed in was right on the ocean and had gorgeous views, which is where the sunset pictures are from.

Day four consisted of just redriving a few places on the coast to try and get some different light and hitting a few spots I did not have time to stop at before.

After giving my talk at Oregon State University, I had time the next day to stop off and do a little waterfall photography at Silver Falls State Park on my way to the airport. I could have easily spent a full day there, but I only had about an hour unfortunately.

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Jim Brown