Padlet Easiest way to create and COLLABORATE in the world

If you want to create and communicate with your students, Padlet is a great way to started! With a few clicks on the screen you can create a post and share it with your students. Your students can quickly and easily respond back to you and all of your students can see everyone's posts. Here's how you get started.

Make a Padlet

Go to Padlet.com and create an account. Next click on MAKE A PADLET. The Modify window will open, where you can add a title, a description and select the wallpaper. Click on next and you are ready to add your first post.

Select a Template
Title and Description
Click here to create a post or anywhere on the screen.

Once your post opens, type in a title and write something. Click on the camera and take a picture of yourself or add a picture from the web.

Empty Post

The post also has many more options you can add. Click on the 3 . . . to see them.

Post Options

Here are two examples of Padlet walls'

To change your privacy setting, click on Share and select Change Privacy.

To share your padlet wall, click on share and select the sharing option.

Share options

Click on the Padlet Practice button and make your first post

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