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“just talk to me”

Mr Myles Hogarty

College Principal

This generation of school students are known as “Digital Natives”. They have been born into and conduct much of their lives using many forms of technology, while my generation are still learning how to use it.

Like it or love it, many of our young men use a range of Social Media to communicate with their peers, friends, family and of course thousands of others on these shared sites, most of whom they have no personal connection to at all.

The ease of communicating via a key pad or touch screen can also have its disadvantages, as we know, once the “send” button has been pushed the message becomes world-wide property despite the privacy settings that some people feel can offer them some sort of security or anonymity. This is something that we have to constantly teach our young men.

Sadly social media destroys privacy and the chance of correcting your mistake as your actions are broadcast instantly, the damage of your behaviour recorded forever.

As a College we have addressed how our young men conduct themselves over the internet through our Acceptable Use Agreement and teaching programmes delivered to warn them of the harm that inappropriate internet use can have on their lives. We have also had several visiting experts on appropriate Internet use come into the College to speak to our different year levels, something that we will continue to do.

Another concern due to the increased use of digital communication is the decline in the “art of conversation”.

One of the things we ask of our young men is to look you in the eye whilst talking to you. Added to this is the College expectation that they will speak in a clear, fluent style and express themselves using appropriate language.

Speaking in person teaches our young men how to contextualise what they are saying by the way the other person is reacting to their words, they can then identify anger, embarrassment, hurt or pleasure in the recipient’s eyes, reactions which are not able to be seen and are lost in the use of a keyboard or some other technology.

Young men need to know how to start a conversation and also how to end one. This skill takes not only verbal knowledge but social knowledge as well.

The young men of De La Salle must be well connected to all technology in our digital world. But they must also be able to hold a decent conversation with their families, teachers, friends and particularly those they meet for the first time.

Our young men will be judged on their ability to talk with confidence and clarity particularly as they move into Tertiary education and employment. We must continue to place high expectations on their ability to communicate face-to-face.

An antidote to this growing use of digital communication, is that one of the growing strengths in the College is the number of young men who are participating in Debating and Spoken Word, both of these are very valuable in teaching our young men to speak with clarity and confidence in new and unfamiliar situations.

We come to the end of our Term and once again reflect on how we have met our College Goals as staff and for our young men.

I am heartened by the value and effectiveness of our Year Level Parent Partnership meetings which give the Staff the opportunity to meet and engage with our parents also giving them the opportunity to ask questions about their son’s education in an open and informative environment.

I wish all of our families and the young men of the College a safe and productive break. While it is a break from normal class routines there are many sport, service and tuition activities taking place which I thank all those who are taking them for the sacrifice and concern shown for our young men.

School is a busy, vibrant place with the young men experiencing education in its holistic sense.

Stay safe and well.

God Bless

associate principal

Mr Dermot English


There is a famous speech by President Theodore Roosevelt called ‘The Man in the Arena’. Here is some of it.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

This came to mind as I watched some senior boys do their first ever public debate against another school. These boys were in the arena, no extended deadlines, no extra help, nowhere to hide, and they performed. Boys get in the arena when they try a sport, do a speech in class, talk to someone they don’t know or work hard on their first 1000 word essay. We all struggle with criticism and failure, but remember, if you try you are still doing better than the person who didn’t try at all.

Looking back at this term, were we Critic or Warrior on the sidelines or in the arena?


Deputy Principal - Mr Phil Doyle

Academic Update

Well done to the boys on a good term – lots of hard work and activity. We hope the boys get a good rest and come back ready for all the work ahead.

Year 7 -10 Students

We are sending home a copy of the Term’s Weekly Notes this week.

At De La Salle College we want our students to participate fully in school life and to aim for excellence in the classroom. The De La Salle Certificate is also to help get students ready for NCEA.

Students can gain points for their academic achievement as well as good scores in their Weekly Notes, Service and Participation in the wider school. To achieve a Year 9 or 10 De La Salle Certificate, a student needs an overall total of 80 points or 120 for Merit or 150 for Excellence. Look out in the coming weeks for results on the KAMAR Parent Portal. You and your son will be able to see how many points they have towards their De La Salle Certificate.

Year 11 -13

Reports for all Year 11 – 13 will be sent out in Week 2 Term 2.

NCEA Level 1

Well done to the year 11 students who have started their NCEA Journey. Teachers and students have been very busy in the last couple of weeks completing assessment. Previous years have shown us that a student with 20 credits at the start of Term 2 indicates a Year 11 student on track to achieve at this time of year.

Year 12 NCEA Level 2 and Year 13 NCEA Level 3

A student should expect to have 35 credits [15 Level 2 credits from this year and 20 credits from 2020] at this time of year. Year 13 students are also being asked to show how they are planning to meet the University Entrance literacy requirements and identify which 3 subjects they are on track to achieve 14+ credits.

As always ask your son how he can aim for that Merit or Excellence grade.

NCEA and Digital Assessment

We have uploaded our first datafile to NZQA. Your son will have been shown how to login on to the NZQA website in his homeroom. NZQA has also released the 2021 Examination timetable for November 2021 below. The exams in blue on the timetable have the option of either paper or digital assessment. For De La Salle College that means if your son has any of the following options History and Business Studies, L2 and L3 Health, English and the Languages - Tongan and Samoan. If that is something your son is considering get him to talk to the subject teachers involved next term. Teachers involved will be working with interested students in the lead up to November.


Deputy Principal - Mr Elton Charles

Parent Partnership Meetings

Thank you to parents and families who attended their respective Parent Partnership meetings. It was a great opportunity to make connections with other parents and provide feedback about how your son's have settled into College life.


Focus Of Meeting

  • Career Pathways
  • Scholarships
  • NCEA Requirements
  • Rank Scoring
  • Community Engagement
Year 12 Dean, Mr Hakeagatoa
Mrs Kumar
Careers Advisor, Mrs Fannon


Focus of Meeting

  • Year 9 Curriculum
  • De La Salle certificate
  • Parent Portal
  • Year 9 Camp
Year 9 Dean, Mr Curtis


Assistant Principal for Mission - Mr Kane Raukura

Ministry and Mission

Dear Lasallian family, as we head towards the end of term we can give thanks for the beautiful gift of community and that our lives have been blessed with some much needed normality over the last few weeks. This opportunity has allowed our students and staff at De La Salle College to be able to once more participate in activities that promote our unique charism and catholic character. Over the weekend, seven staff were able to take a road trip down to Francis Douglas Memorial College (FDMC) in New Plymouth. Here they were hosted by the kind staff of FDMC and attended a special programme called ‘Heritage II’. This programme is designed for new staff to Lasallian Schools and enables them to grow in their understanding around our history and traditions. The seven staff greatly enjoyed themselves and found the time away rewarding and enriching.

As well as staff, we have also had students away on ‘Lasallian Leadership Training’ at John Paul College in Rotorua. This occurred this Monday, with 11 keen young souls meeting in the early morning hours and departing the college at 6am. I accompanied them down along with Mr Matthew Apuda (Campus Minister) and we were both impressed with their participation and personal insights during the presentations and discussions. The students represented the school well and were exceptionally behaved. During the course, they were able to listen to motivational speakers who were alumni of John Paul College and who had integrated their ‘Lasallian Leadership’ into their personal lives and careers. Which were all quite impressive and successful. The students came away inspired and more connected to the ideas of service, inclusivity and social justice.

I ask Our Lord to bless our students and keep them safe over the two week break. Thank you once again for entrusting your sons to our care. It is a privilege and honour.

Live Jesus in our hearts!

ict Academy

A big thank you to Mr Satpal Rehal Singh, Technology & Education Manager from the South Auckland Office for Harvey Norman. Satpal along with one of their partner companies donated a number of ex-lease desk top computers to the school. The ongoing support from Satpal and Harvey Norman is much appreciated.

Our Director of ICT Mr Singh and Mr Satpal Rehal Singh with the donated computers.


Please be aware that due to high demand across all schools there may be limited availability of the preferred device at Harvey Norman. However, Harvey Norman will be able to assist with devices with similar specifications and costs if needed.


Year 7 Prizegiving

by Niklis 7TUF

Year 7 Prizegiving

My very first prizegiving here at De la Salle College

It was such a formal occasion that we were allowed to sit on chairs. As we entered the library in single file you could hear a pin drop, it was so quiet. I think everyone couldn’t wait to hear who was receiving awards. We began with prayer and at the end each house had a special verse to pray. Then it was award presentation time. Each teacher came up to announce their awards. As I sat there watching each of my brothers receive their awards I felt so proud. Mr Hogarty gave us a few words of wisdom and congratulated us on a fine start to the year. I concluded our event with the final prayer which I am glad to say, I did not mess up.

Time to work even harder for an award in Term Two.

Learning with the use of Technology

By Joel Leau and Demetrius Ah-Chong 8TAM

De La Salle College has been engaging students and allowing students to be ready for the changes in times. Though the use of computers and tablets started years back, there has been a focus on making students get into it this year.

Our class has started working on different tasks using our devices. Mr. Tamayo usually would give instructions in class and would make us do research and activities using our devices. He would then process our work and learning to deepen our understanding of the different topics.

Using Microsoft Teams, we could type our notes in our class notebooks and get immediate feedback from our teacher. Assignments, Notes, Quizzes are some of the things that we do using MS Teams. We have also proven this to be effective during the lockdown. Our teacher would meet us online, give us instructions and upload different notes and activities to work on. He can see who has done the work and can immediately give our marks.

Online learning is different and fun. It allows us to play around and learn at the same time. Mr. Tamayo has been challenging us with different Maths problems using Quizziz and Kahoot to test our learning and push us to do better. We have also done some researches, summaries, biographies, etc. which is something similar to what the seniors are doing. We feel that as early as now, we are being prepared for our senior years or even beyond.

Though this is just the beginning of the year, we feel that we have much to improve on and we are looking forward to more fun activities and learning using our devices.


Pope Francis on December 8, 2020 released the apostolic letter Patris Corde on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the declaration by Pius IX, on December 8, 1870, of Saint Joseph as patron of the Universal Church; for the same reason he declared a Year of Saint Joseph, from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021.

St Joseph is the Patron St. of the Universal Church because he is the foster father of Jesus
St Joseph is the Patron Saint of the Workers because he was a carpenter
St Joseph is the Patron Saint of Fathers because of obvious reasons – tender, accepting, and faithful
St Joseph is the Patron Saint of Happy Death because he died in the presence of Jesus and Mary
St Joseph’s Principal Feast day is on the 19th March and all Catholics celebrate this feast

Commissioning of Young Vinnies Leaders 2021

Mrs Vaotuua - Teacher in Charge

Young Vinnies leaders from Auckland secondary schools braved the rain on Saturday 10 April to attend the commissioning mass for Vinnies and Ignite leaders at St Patrick's Cathedral. These included our DLS leaders

  • Carlo De Guzman 12KEA
  • Michael Gray 12UFI
  • Chad Tuli 13VAI
  • Michael Tupou 13 PHI (in absentia)

Mosignor Bernard Keily reminded the congregation that when we were baptized, our own baptism candles were lit from the light of the Easter candle. The hope and dream of that flame was that it will burn brightly for Christ in serving God with our lives. Young Vinnies is an opportunity to serve within schools and community and be generous with our time, possessions, and talents, and a beautiful way to keep the dream of that flame alive.

Cooking starts for senior students this Thursday at St Vincent De Paul Otahuhu after school and more activities will kick start in term 2 including food kitchen, can drives and support for various fundraisers. See our leaders if you are keen to support and and look out for notices to meet in C6, Term 2.

Young Vinnies Leaders Michael, Chad and Carlo with McAuley Leaders

Senior Leaders meet and greet at McAuley High School

Mr Tuiasau - RE Teacher

Head boy Lelea Halafihi and other senior leaders were hosted at McAuley High School by DP Victoria Sarah and Head Girls Angela Filimoehala and Mahalia Salesa as well as their Deputies and other seniors, for the first meet and greet event for the year.

Lelea said ‘it was important to meet with our fellow Catholic school neighbours. Our school's have so many qualities that we share, from being a Catholic secondary school in South Auckland with many Pacific and Maori students from the same communities. Our Catholic faith unites us.’

It was a wonderful icebreaker event where many topics were discussed, lots of new friendships started and ideas for future College co-operation.

Mrs Vaotuua who escorted the DLS students said "it was a good first meeting, where more were to be organised over the next few months to plan for our shared charism events." These could include attending each other’s Mass events, leadership days together and supporting each other’s school projects. Many thanks go out to McAuley High School for hosting us.

Debates term one

Mr Wendt - Teacher in Charge

De La Salle debates has been collaborating with Papakura High School and Mangere College for the past few months. All three schools have trained together at De La Salle College every second Saturday in preparation for each times respective debate competitions. Mastering the art of oratory, critical though and argument.

Results and Highlights from this Term

  • Premier Advanced (Highest grade of debating) (Year 12) - Jarren Iuvale, Nathaniel Siaosi, Liufau Kaloni and Gabriel Toreja/2 wins undefeated against Lynfield College and Howick College
  • Round 1 of Junior Opens (Y9 and Y10) with wins over Ormiston and Kings College.
  • Round 1 of Advanced Opens (Y13)
  • DLS Justin Sharma, Xavier Vito and Nikhil Gosai defeated Glendowie
  • Massive congratulations to Nathaniel Siaosi and Gabriel Toreja who were selected for the Auckland Schools developmental squad.
  • Jarren Iuvale and Vaughan Loli’s inspirational personal stories which were shared on the Southside Stories page via Instagram.
  • Vaega Ekeroma and Gabriel Toreja who represented the DLS debate team at the Youth United Nations Aotearoa Declaration Conference.

It’s been a busy but thrilling term for the La Sallian orators.

Thank you to Vaiola Tauti - President at Youth United Nations, the Southside Stories team, Mr Stowers (Junior Debate Coach), Ms Kuresa (Advanced Opens Debate Coach), Ms Phillips, Ms Teiotaata-Iobu, Mrs Telea (Mangere College), Ms Samiu (Papakura High School), Mr Z (Papakura High School) and Mr Birchal (ACG Parnell) for the support of the DLS debate team, this term!

Congratulations to all our La Sallian orators on a strong start to 2021!

Faculty of Science

Mr Kumar - Head of Faculty

Enviro-council: Creek and Garden Clean-up

Students have shown an increased interest in joining Enviro-council this year. A good turn out after school last week Wednesday saw a successful clean up of the College creek and weeding of the areas around Rongoa garden.

Students also learn how we monitor water quality in our creek by conducting chemical tests. The College creek is alive and home to endangered longfin Eels, which students spotted when cleaning.

We encourage students to start their Enviro-council journey here at the College when they are in Junior College. This helps them build a profile of actions which are involved and thus increases their chances of leadership opportunities through workshops and camps etc.

Auckland Council CEO Visits College

On Tuesday 13 April, the College hosted Jim Stabback, CEO of Auckland Council. The enviro-council was delighted to show the delegates around the College and explain how it has grown in its sustainable actions over the years by using students as the element of change.

Gabriel Toreja and Nikhil Gosai explaining to Jim about their actions around the creek restoration

From native tree planting along the creek edge and adopting the creek itself as well as monitoring its health through water tests; the establishment of Rongoa garden which provides students with learning opportunities to the insulation project to save energy in Physics labs, these are some of the positive actions we have engaged in.

The visitors spoke to the key Enviro teachers and students about the progress and how these actions in the College and in the community benefits students by empowering them to become an advocate for change in our society.

Jim was accompanied by Bridget Glasgow and Cate Jessep: Sustainable Schools Advisor who has a long standing relationship with the College.

Moth Plant Competition

Moth Plant Pods

The Enviro-council at the College is participating in a competition to help Auckland reach its pest-free goal by 2050.

Moth plants are a noxious weed found on fences, creeping on shrubs plants and in reserves.

Start collecting now before the seeds disperse. Over the two week holiday if you find a moth plant, just cut off the pod or root and put it in a plastic bag and bring them to school. The moth pods can be dropped off to Mr Kumar in Term 2 in room G8.

It is recommended you wear gloves to protect your hands. The Enviro-council students will count the pods and send images of pods collected to take part in a competition to win some prizes from the organisers.

Bayley Cummings in Year 12 has already started collecting moth pods and is one of the students interested in helping keep his area around his home moth plant free, also helping Auckland Council reach its pest-free goal.

Make this a family action, go moth plant picking with your family and friends. It’s great way to help keep our environment weed/pest free and help NZ native plants survive.

Watch the video below on how to control moth plants.


Mr Raukura - Teacher in Charge, Senior Chemistry


The students in Year 12 Chemistry have been working hard this term towards successfully completing their first internal assessment. They needed to learn a combination of both new practical laboratory skills as well as new mathematical processes. This provides a substantial academic challenge to the young men and one which requires some real dedication to succeed. The class has been excellent in its conduct to date and initial review of the work completed so far looks extremely promising.

I am very proud of these intelligent and capable future chemists of New Zealand. I look forward to marking the final product over the school break.




The students in Year 13 Chemistry recently visited the Martha Mine in Waihi owned by Oceania Gold. This trip was to assist in their understanding around the extraction of gold from gold bearing ore found in deep ground deposits in the area. The students have been involved in active research concerned with how trace elements of gold can be extracted from the rock collected at the Martha Mine Pit and the chemical processes used. At Waihi, the Mill where the gold is extracted, utilises a technique that was designed in New Zealand and uses the chemical called sodium cyanide. This method is extremely economical and allows minute quantities of gold to be extracted from very poor gold bearing rock. Even amounts of 2 grams of gold per tonne of rock can be removed and collected. Controversially, cyanide is a very poisonous substance both for the environment and for living organisms. The students also needed to discover how this danger is mitigated by Oceania Gold at the site and how the process is made safe. The class will present its findings in a written assessment which will be the first internal credits earned for 2021.

The students were also able to meet and chat with old boy, Constable Harley Raukura- Class of 1993, at the Waihi Station where he serves with the NZ Police. This was also a lovely experience and chance opportunity.

yes enterprise - timata event

Last Wednesday, 45 Year 12 and Year 13 students participated in Timata, the first event of the year for students taking part in the YES Enterprise competition. As part of YES National competition, students will compete with over 200 schools across NZ to create the best business product based on five different business challenges throughout the year. There are currently 10 businesses run by our students producing a variety of products from T-shirts, art pieces aimed at raising awareness of different social issues to picture books, cooking books, water bottles and pencil cases made from plastic bottles.

The wonderful thing about the YES competition is that students take part in several trips throughout the year organised by YES where they meet students from other schools. Last Wednesday our students worked alongside other students from Manurewa High, Pukekohe High, Mangere College, Henderson High among others.

They also had opportunity to discuss their ideas with mentors, professional people from different fields, who gave them feedback on how to improve their products and operations.


Register for Rugby

Well done on making the decision to play rugby for De La Salle College in 2021. It is important that we capture and register your details for our school and Auckland Rugby Union.

Click on this rugby registration link which will load a form for you to complete and submit.

Thank you, and good luck for the season!

An online ordering system is now available for photographs this year. Parents can access, view and order their child's photos online. The online system works off each student's name, giving them an individual Photo Access Key to view and order their photographs. Online photo access key slips were handed out to the students. You are entitled to a free delivery period that expires SUNDAY 25 APRIL. Any queries please contact PhotoLife Studios 09 262 1040 or 0800 501 040 www.photolife.co.nz
Tyson Isaako made the U16 Auckland City rep basketball team. Tyson attended the national basketball tournament in Whanganui during the easter break
Joseph & AJ both play in the Under 18 Auckland City Rep Team for Basketball. Their team made the finals in the National basketball tournament held in Whanganui

April School Holiday Training days: Week 1

  • Monday 19 & Wednesday 21: 3.30 – 5.00pm
  • Friday 23: 3.30 - 7.00pm
  • Saturday 24: 5.00am - 1.00pm (including lunch)


  • Wednesday 28: 3.30 – 5.00pm
  • Friday 30: 3.30 – 5.00pm
Open Friday 30 April during the school holidays for all your uniform needs
If you are interested in this position please email admin@delasalle.school.nz

We are looking for a person to assist our Grounds staff with general school cleaning tasks and property maintenance. The position is for 4 hours per day from 11.30am to 3.30pm. The applicant must be capable of lifting light objects and be able to carry out tasks independently.


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