Minor Objects In the Solar System Asteroids, Meteoroids, meteors, meteorites, and comets


  • Asteroids are rocky and metallic objects that orbit the sun
  • They are too small to be classified as planets
  • Most asteroids belt between Mars and Jupiter
  • Pluto was once considered as an asteroid


  • They are metallic rocks floating through space
  • Way smaller than asteroids
  • They also orbit around the sun


  • They burn as they go through the atmosphere
  • They are streaks of light in the sky
  • Sometimes called ¨shooting stars¨or ¨falling stars¨


  • Comets are known as ¨dirty snowballs¨
  • They have a nucleus, coma, and tail
  • They are made up of grains of matter and frozen gas


  • They are meteors that reach the surface of the Earth if they don´t burn up
  • They could be made out of stone, iron stone, and just iron


Comets, asteroids, and meteoroids can hit Earth´s surface

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Made by: Jadyn Bell, Gretchen Adkins, and Julia Allen


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