Semester 1 At Ferris State University ! Kavion Adolph

In class images

My first college paper was devastating. nothing was where it was suppose to be it wasn't organized i didn't include details. Everything went wrong. in the image you see below, professor Pavletic gave Students a chance to ask her any questions and for any help needed. I didn't really take advantage of this situation. Professor gave us this opportunity because she felt like we needed extra help to in order to get the grade that she want us to have.
The out come of me not taking advantage of this situation wasn't nothing nice. I miserably failed my first college paper because I was to "cocky" to ask Professor Pavletic for help I felt like i had everything under control and i obviously didn't. I received the grade that I earned.
Tyler taking last minute pictures for his final project.
Waiting last miniute to do things isn't always the smartest thing to do. Tyler waited to the day of the due date to try and take al his 10 pictures. with little time on his side he may not have gottem pictures good enough to actually do his project and give good details on it also. Tyler got all his pictures but he now is having a hard time explaing them on adobe spartk.
Matt wasn't understanding how to answer one of the peer review questions. He called professor Pavletic over so she can help him understand it more.
after Dr. Pavletic explained the questions more and gave examples matt started to understand them better. asking questions was never a problem, if you don't understand something the best thing to do is to ask questions.
class peer review. This gives student an idea of what they're doing wrong and what they're doing right.
In class peer review was the best. Every time my peers reviewed my papers they were always honest and they always gave me a better understanding of the topic. Peer review helped my grade a lot because if I was doing something wrong my peers guided me the right way.
working on our paper in class. Dr. Pavletic wanted us to identify our claim, explanation, and examples.
The outcome in this was that it was an eye opener. It helped me understand my paper more. it also opened my eyes for what I did wrong. I should have did a rewrite, but I had so no time.

Outside of class images

Romero F, Tyler B and myself in bond halls study room. We were in there doing our weekly journals, and emailing professor Pavletic for the week. I started to slack off while Tyler and Romero kept pushing themselves to finish what they needed to do.
Me slacking off and not doing what I had to do resulted in me getting an D on my reflective journals and. as I slacked off and my friends didn't they received a better grade than me. Don't slack off because this is not High School things are not to be played with.
Tyler in the library putting in work
in this picture tyler actually took the time oit his day and actually worked on his unit 4 draft was due but it we still had 3 days to get the paper done. tyler and I took advantage of the extra time that we had and got the page done. with the paper getting done earlier, we had more time to get work we had in every other class. ,most of my time went towards my English work. when I wasn't working on English ,I was slacking off doing things that weren't important.
unit 4 paper? well I realized that I was doing this paper completely wrong.
I realized that I did this wrong the day it was due. I did this rough draft before the due date but when I went to print it off it seemed so wrong. I took it to class anyways to get peer reviewed and they told me what I already knew. it gave me clearance and made me know what to do 100%. I got a b- on this paper and peer review had a lot to do with it.
Running behind on my McGraw hill. How? The world may never know.
with McGraw hill connect you have to be patient. It gets annoying from time to time but the best feeling ever is getting it over with. McGraw hill helped me with my grammar, spelling and punctuation. getting this done was an easy grade and I got it done so you know got I got an easy A.
My biggest problem.
My biggest problems this semester was pretty obvious. procrastination was 1 one this biggest things. The other thing was basketball. I spent so much time in the gym while I could have been doing work that needed to be done. I waited last minute to do almost everything and that was my down fall. the out come from this is the grades that I received. doing things last minute means that I have to rush things and when you rush things never get done the was its suppose to be done
I procrastinated in the study room and I received a grade that I wasn't satisfied for.

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